WHOLESUN 3000PSI Electric Pressure Washer Review: Best For Auto Detailing

As for the best cheap pressure washer out there in town, WHOLESUN plays a significant role in serving the users the best pressure washers for car auto detailing. WHOLESUN always provides the best solutions for cleaning machines from performance to quality and price. It never disappointed its users. That is why it is one of the top-rated products in the market space. It would not be wrong to say that WHOLESUN Pressure Washer is the best hand-held pressure washer. Many of you might be having confusion in exploring this model of them. So, I’ll be sorting out your issues, providing you with a detailed view of this product, and answering your issues. Let’s hop in:

Similar Options Of Market And Comparison

Homdox 2500PS1 And Suyncll 3000PS1 Electric Pressure Washer are two similar products available in the market. Let us compare and see the plus points of one over the other.

Homdox 2500PSI Electric Pressure Washer is a good choice for a cheap pressure washer. It is small in size and performance compared to the WHOLESUN 3000PSI Pressure Washer; it is reliable only if you have a small car and a lesser area to be cleaned as you get a good amount of pressure(2000PSI) and with a flow rate of about 1.5GPM.

Suyncll 3000PSI Electric Pressure Washer is the second option if you are looking for an identical and cheap product. This pressure washer is almost the same as the WHOLE SUN 3000PSI Electric Pressure Washer. But its flow rate is less as compared to WHOLESUN Washer.

How To Use Pressure Washer For Auto Detailing?

WHOLESUN Pressure Washer Review

WHOLESUN Pressure Washer

WHOLESUN 3000PSI Electric Pressure Washer with Foam Cannon

Key Features

  • Foam Cannon.
  • 250 ML Detergent Tank.
  • IPX5 Water Proof.
  • GFCL Protection.
  • 20 ft High Pressure.


As a blessing, you will get a high-pressure foamer cannon considered a powerful feature of this washer. This high-pressure foamer cannon has polymer and can remove the most severe damage, including dust, corrosion, sticky material, and darts. This foamer cannon works out by creating bubbles when used and performs quickly. With a high-pressure cleaner, how can you expect a low-level job? Of course not; this pressure washer has a powerful motor of about 1600-Watt power.

Moreover, it produces up to 3000PSI (pounds per square inch) at 2.4 GPM (gallons per minute). This combination of power, psi, and GPM is excellent for cleaning out cars without any fear of damaging the surface. According to your choice, you can also clean out siding, patios, outdoor furniture, ATVs, roofs, pavement, pools, trucks, RVs, and many more characters.     

You get a leak-proof connection after buying this green electric pressure washer as this washer ensures that no leak should be produced when you are working for giving you no disturbance. The pressure washer is secured with a metal connection to ensure no water flows out. Comes with a high-pressure hose of about 20ft height, a metal water outlet of about 22mm, and a perfect, sleeky metal garden hose connector. The surprising part about this product is that it has revolutionized system names as TSS (total stop system), ensuring the washer’s reliable and easy start. This system allows the washer to start up as soon as you pull the trigger and shut off as soon as you want to let go. You will need not worry about the pump damage and stuck-ness from enhanced idling. Also, they provide you with a 33ft power cord with GFCI inline for reducing the risk of electric shock. So it also ensures your safety.

Materials Attached

Let’s get a quick dry run of the attached components with this washer as a bonus. In the box, you will firstly and indeed get the WHOLE SUN 3000PSI washer itself, two big wheels of washer that will be reliable enough for helping you in moving the pressure washer from one place to other in no time with no effort. These wheels are powerful enough to walk on rough surfaces, including the road area, and never tear out. These are about 2 feet over the ground (27 inches).

Coming with a foam detergent cannon, a gun lance, a gun handle, and last but not least, a pressure hose. The next thing is the pressure hose and the power cord that is an essential part of the washer. There is a spray wand and a triggered gun afterwards. The weight of this machine is about 7.3kgs.


Some models have five quick connect nozzle spray tips that are different in size and performance. A  0° (red), 15° (yellow), 25° (green), 40° (white), and soap nozzle(black). You can store all the nozzles on board to keep everything in place without replacing them.

Customer Support And Warranty

You will get a 2-year warranty if you get a damaged part of the pressure washer if you face any problems after the purchase. You will get proper customer support and professional repair service. You can also replace any part (having a problem) with a new one. So, there is no need to worry about the damage, and you can shop easily without any worries.

What To Expect From WHOLESUN 3000PSI? Is WHOLESUN 3000PSI Worth Buying?

As for concern, this best electric pressure washer for foam cannon is an excellent washer, keeping all the factors in mind from price to performance. It is well-rated for its tremendous pressure of about 2200PSI and 3000PSI—a combination of 1.8GPM and power consumption of about 1600W. We can easily guess that this is incredible and has outclassed features. You can easily place it in a small area, and it covers minimum to no space. Cleaning all surfaces from cars, bikes, trucks, patio, and furniture is also incredible for auto detailing.  

Observing all the factors, we can say it is worth buying and performs outclass results. However, some people might have faced some tragedies in delivery or damaged products that can be replaced quickly and are not a big issue. But, still, they may not recommend it due to this issue.

Our Likes And Dislikes

Our Likes

  • Easy to set up and assemble.
  • It contains a wide power cord and water hose to cover a wide range without any restriction.
  • It is low noise-making, so it will not hurt your ears.
  • Having an incredible psi of about 3000 makes it work smoothly.
  • Is suitable for medium-level performance and cleaning.
  • It makes auto detailing easy by cleaning cars efficiently. 

Our Dislikes

  • Don’t give a high-level performance.
  • The pressure hose might be stiff.

Consumer’s View

Let’s take a look at this washer from the consumer’s point of view and notice the likes and dislikes:

  • As it is a good pressure washer, producing incredible results. Some person writes that he will recommend this washer to anyone who requires a good and powered washer for home. He says that he is much pleased with his purchase.
  • Someone writes that this little pressure washer is unbelievable. She says that it is easy to tackle and provides an excellent grip. Moreover, this washer did a fantastic job as no one did. It takes a low amount of strength and can be easily used with just one hand. It’s worth money.
  • Someone writes that he is an old-age guy. He found this pressure washer, and it proved not less than a blessing as it is straightforward to assemble, easy to move around, and produced excellent results in cleaning the sidings of his home. He recommends it.
  • Someone wrote that he washed a muddy car, and in no time, this washer cleaned the whole mess without any extra effort. He was happy with the decision that he made. He also wrote that he was confused after reading nasty comments, but he took a chance, and this chance proved a blessing.
  • Although most people like this product, some people doubt the pressure of this washer. They write that they suspect that the pressure is low as this washer could not cover up the toughest marks. However, this washer is excellent for cleaning low-level dirt from cars.

Final Closure

Concluding it up, I would like to say that the WHOLESUN 3000PSI Electric Pressure Washer is incredible, efficient, and super affordable. Moreover, it also offers proper cleaning and performance. Suppose you are in search of a washer of medium-level cleaning from cars, patio, driveways, outdoor cleaning, sideways, pathways to the surface that you want. It is incredible for providing a complete sum result. And definitely will never disappoint you. They provide you with an exclusive warranty of 2 years and secure you. I have helped and provided all the details about this product and make sure that I answer everything you require. Still, if have any confusion, you can clear it up by messaging me as I am here to assist you 24/7 or comment here. Thanks for reading it through.

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