Torqx Dual Action Polisher For Polishing Car – Detailed Review

torqx dual action polisher

Are you tired of the unnecessary scratches on the surface of your vehicle? But don’t you worry because here I have bought the best thing to help you remove them and restore the beauty and paintwork of your interior. This solution will help you get rid of the scratches and create a protective layer on the car’s surface. And will give back a glamorous look like the brand-new car. As a dual action polisher, there are many products in the market. But, one becomes so confused and hectic finding the best polisher for himself. So, I am also here to solve that problem and provide you with complete logic of why you should go with Torqx Dual Action Polisher. So, let’s not bother and continue.

My Recommendation:

I have observed many different best random orbital polisher and the top-rated among best choices is TORQX random orbital polisher by chemical guys. As we all know, Chemical Guys are rocking the auto detailing market and have a huge fan base based on qualitative and effective products with affordable prices. Chemical Guys have been in the auto detailing market since 1968. They are serving the enthusiast from simple wax to sealant, cleaners, polish pads, snow foam, leather protection, air fresheners, da polishers, and much more. They never turn back and comprised every product, covering about 50+ countries today.

Chemical Guys BUF503X TORQX 

Key Features

  • Removes scratches, including swirls.
  • Polishes all the defects from the vehicle.
  • Easy to use and provides full coverage.
  • Makes application easy with no extra effort and time.
  • The first machine handles polishing, scrubbing, waxing, and cleaning.

Chemical guys torqx da polisher is developed to enhance your auto detailing job; this is the best tool that anyone can use, whether you are a beginner or a professional. You can use torqx dual action polisher easily with no extra effort. However, for an enthusiast detailer who wants to do all the detailing with only one tool, the torq torqx random orbital polisher kit is the best option. The best part of this machine which makes it powerful is the 700-watt motor that offers power and orbital polisher car that a vehicle requires to remove tough swirls from the surface without any damage. In addition, the best torq comprises 120v, which allows you to spread the wax and sealant easily, in proper order.

Moreover, you can scrub out the headlights and mirrors with this voltage, give them a proper shine, and restore clarity. This torque polisher uses a smooth and gentle dual action motion with a combination of 8mm throw that will impress you by providing you with the most durable paint finish. Infect this throw is the favourite part of the enthusiasts. Designed with proper streamlined controls for providing you with enough comfort while detailing. It has wide 2800-7800 RPM power, which is ideal for polishing, scrubbing, waxing, or cleaning the car, without disturbing the framework or the paintwork.

This is why the TORQX is the best machine for auto detailing. The quality of this product doesn’t end here. Torqx buffer provides an OPM of about 1200-4200. It would not be wrong to say that the TORQX engineers designed this product with proper planning and simple controls. Moreover, torqx polisher is a powerful machine that will not marsh the paint finish and allow you to easily polish at every stage, clear coat, polished metals, glass, ceramic clear coat finish, and cleat optical plastics.

Plus Point:

This random orbit buffer’s tight foam and the balance allow this polisher to fit in hand properly. Providing a complete grip during the cleaning process will not make the machine slip. You can use this 6-inch random orbital polisher not only for polishing cars but also for trucks, trailer sidewalls, boats, aeroplanes, large RVs, and any other automotive surface without damage or strain.  

It is the best choice for any beginner, too, as it provides you with a moderate and balanced control while working, so there is no chance of damaging the paintwork. Moreover, its weight is about 6.5lbs. You will never feel tired while working. You can tackle any detailing task easily with a random orbital sander for car polishing.


  • Provides a complete balance, as BED technology is being used in it.
  • Has a dynamic performance.
  • TORQ forward grip (TFG) provides a proper grip without making the polisher slip while detailing.
  • It is a compact auto detailing machine.
  • You can find switchbacking plates (large coverage to small) depending on the area.
  • Excellent for removing all the odds, including swirls, scratches, and damage.


  • May not show the result after one-time usage, depending on your car’s condition.

How to Use a Random Orbital Polisher?

Many people, especially beginners, remain confused about using an orbital polisher. So, let’s discuss the shortest and most simple method of this step by step. So, follow up:

Firstly, shake the polisher and apply some drips of V36 to the Orange Pad included in the package.

  • Now, apply the product by dabbing it across the 2×2 section (small sections).
  • Pre-treat your pad with the conditioner available in the package.
  • Turn on the machine, select speed setting1, and then spread the product evenly on the car’s surface.
  • Slowly afterwards, increase the speed setting to 5-6 and apply moderate pressure.
  • Keep working in the area at least 2-3 times passes until you see that product became clear.
  • If you are satisfied with the results, use a white pad and V38 final polish.
  • If you aren’t satisfied yet, use V34 with the orange pad until you see the complete results, and then use V38 final polish.
  • If your car has the toughest stains and is still not satisfied, use a yellow cutting pad as an aggressive approach.
  • Now, use the V38 final product and refine the finish.
  • Keep working until clarity is attained.
  • Remove the residue with the clean microfiber towel.

Tips And Precautions For Using The Torqx Dual Action Polisher:

  • Always try to work in small sections. Never hurry up while being polishing because you can end up destroying the paint rather than clearing the scratches.
  • Suppose you find it tough and aren’t comfortable polishing by yourself. Don’t do. This is because you may destroy the interior for not doing the auto detailing by heart.
  • Always try to use the product firstly on un showing part, for observing if the results are according to your expectations or not. Otherwise, please don’t use it.
  • Discontinue the process. In case you see any bad effect or damage.
  • Always wear gloves while working because there might be some chemicals that can give you an allergic reaction.
  • Never polish directly in the sunlight.
  • Try to polish in the area where there is no pet and child as it may harm their health.
  • Similar Product In Market

Wise Tool:

The wise tool is random orbital, and you can say an alternate product to the Chemical Guys Torqx in the market. It has a power of 1200W and an Rpm of 1200-4200. It gives you proper auto detailing management and leaves your car in a glamorous look with a shield of protection against oxidation, swirls, bugs, dust, and grime. Coming with a 21mm random orbit length and a constant speed dialer. It also has the capability of a detachable handle. No doubt it is an excellent orbital polisher buffer, but the weak point and the preferred point of Torqx is BED. Moreover, this wise tool doesn’t have the capability of proper balance. So, it is not ensured that you will have a proper moderate and balanced coverage of the polisher throughout auto detailing.

Is Torqx Worth Considering?

After looking at all the pros, cons, and specs, I think my point of view is that you will never be able to find this capable best dual action polisher at this type of affordable price. Moreover, you will not be able to have the powerful motor of 700W along with the combination of the high voltages of about 12V that will give you proper coverage smoothly without any tension or damage. Also, give you a BED technology for balancing the polisher with no odds left to the surface. Providing you with a proper grip for doing the job evenly. It is also comprised of a 2800-7800 RPM powerband that is considered to be an ideal power for auto detailing. You don’t have to buy separate products for waxing, polishing, scrubbing, and cleaning as a plus point. The torqx da polisher is the perfect and all-in-one machine for handling all the detailing jobs itself. It ends with providing a complete shine and protection to the surface.

Final Closure:

Torqx is the best da polisher covering all the details by itself and providing you a chance to get rid of your tiring job, as you can use this polisher for auto detailing and you don’t need to put extra effort and money further. Also, saving your time and giving you all in one machine. As earlier I aid, I have given you all the reasons why I recommend this product over others and discussed all the steps and queries. If you are still having issues with something, feel free to ask me as I am always here to assist you. You can drop a comment or message in the chatbox. Thank you for hitting it.

Chemical Guys BUF503X TORQX 

Key Features

  • Removes scratches, including swirls.
  • Polishes all the defects from the vehicle.
  • Easy to use and provides full coverage.
  • Makes application easy with no extra effort and time.
  • The first machine handles polishing, scrubbing, waxing, and cleaning.

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