Sun Joe SPX3001 Pressure Washer Review

sun joe spx3001 pressure washer

Sun Joe has been in the market since 2009 and is comprising a great role and a different fan base in producing the world’s best electrical pressure washers. Sun joe gives some outclass features in their products and gains their users’ trust, providing eco-friendly home yards and garden solutions and is ranking on number 1 due to magnificent results.  

Covering from medium to high range cleaning. This is all a homeowner need. This model is often confused with the SPX3000 model, which I will be tackled by giving you the differences between both and covering the common queries here. So, roll up:

Difference Between SPX3000 And SPX3001




Product Image







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Detergent Tank



Foam Cannon



Hose Reel




28.4 lbs

29.8 lbs


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Spx3000 pressure washer is comprised of no hose reel whereas Spx3001 has a hose reel. The hose reel adds meaning in terms of convenience and makes pressure cleaner reliable to use. Moreover, the hose reel of this model is compact and offers you to unwind that you need, so the extra hose will not come in a reel way and will not disturb work

Two small onboard detergent tanks are available in Spx3000, which aren’t as reliable as a single one while there is one large onboard detergent container tank available in Sun Joe Spx3001. This allows you to store the power cord, hose, and other accessories, including a high-pressure compatible hose. The best part about this tank is that it ensures the safety of the pressure washer and protects it from damage and kicks.

Sun Joe SPX3001 Pressure Washer Review

Sun Joe SPX 3001

Sun Joe SPX3001 Electric Pressure Washer with Hose Reel

Key Features

  • 2030 PSI
  • Hose Reel Included
  • Powerful Motor
  • Detergent Tank
  • Total Stop System (TSS)


This pressure washer comprises a powerful and energetic motor of about 1.45-amp/1800 watts. This electric motor creates up to 2030 pounds per square inch (PSI) at a water flow rate of about 1.76 gallons per minute (GPM). Its offering 2030 psi is capable enough to give coverage of light to medium cleaning projects. Doing all cleaning projects, a breeze connects five spray tips.

Adding to the power, it gives about 3572 of total cleaning efficiency, which is unbelievable. Taking the tag of a highly versatile pressure washer Sun Joe finishes its duty quite effectively.

Although the appearance of this pressure washer is simple, it is classy as it is covered with green color and a slim body frame. This green color gives a refreshing touch and adds the meaning to this washer that everything is not just about the result, which enhances its working. It weighs about 36 pounds, measuring 33.5 x 16.5 x 1.44 inches total, and consumes two larger plastic wheels that help it move easily from one place to another.       

Materials Attached:

Its best thing is that it has a 34 inches long extension attached to the pressure washer. Normally, this thing is never attached with hose and washers, so you order these separately. In this case, you connect a 20-foot-long pressure hose with extension and cover a huge area without any disturbance of being limited. SPX3001 gives a system named as Total Stop System (TSS). It turns the pump off automatically when you release the spray gun’s trigger and results in saving the money, energy, and life of the pressure washer. Also, when it is off, there remain no worries of overheating the pump, unlike other washers cooled by water flow.


As a plus point, you also get five quick connect nozzle spray tips of different sizes 0° (red), 15° (yellow), 25° (green), 40° (white), and soap nozzle(black). These nozzles vary in terms of degrees. All of these nozzles are stored onboard and help you keep everything in place.

For the soap nozzle(black), a soap tank is attached that is extra-large in size. It has a capacity of about 40.6 fluid ounces, and you may need some extra chemicals or detergents to boost your cleaning. Also, your built-in onboard high-pressure hose reel will help you keep the hose managed and organized without being tangly and messy.

Warranty And Customer Support Policy:

Sun Joe offers two years warranty on a pressure washer with all other support included. You can also get spare parts that you might need to replace, so there is no issue with customer support in buying this product. They ensure to solve all the issues that might occur after purchase.  

They also suggest a complete range of detergents that will work with the washer; this task is a bit handy, so they will guide you through their offers and ask for some amount in exchange.

What To Expect From SPX3001? Is SPX3001 Worth Considering?

So far, so good, it is one of the best pressure washers, it does all of its jobs quite effectively and efficiently. It does an excellent job, dominating everything and rinsing off every surface. It cleanses all the surfaces from dirt, grease, oil, heavy stains to gasoline, wax, and dart. It efficiently cleans off wooden items, fences, patio furniture, lawn, including house sidings and parking. In short, it will never let you down and will wash absolutely everything. Moreover, you need a screwdriver to put it together and start cleaning. 

Although it is a good and quality pressure washer, it still has some issues that might not meet the requirements of everyone, and so everyone is not impressed with this machine. However, its price and features make Sun Joe SPX3001 worth considering. As a plus point, they offer you a complete warranty; this is how you will cover your loss if you don’t like the product.

Pros And Cons Of SPX3001


  • It comprises of power cord, a hose, and tips that can be easily stored onboard. This is how they ensure that you store all the cords without misplacing them.
  • Provides an extension ward and a 35ft power cord with a 20ft hose to ensure that you get unlimited reach. This feature allows you to easily wash off your windows and the top of your car.
  • SPX3001 makes sure that you don’t want wastewater as it has a GPM water flow rate of 1.57 gallons. So, you can use it in most places without any fear.
  • The motor attached with it is high-powered and makes sure that you eliminate even the toughest darts and dust.
  • Also, the spray isn’t hard to damage any surface, whether plastic, wood, or steel.
  • Its soap dispenser is excellent.
  • Having a greater cleaning power is an advantage in itself.
  • Moreover, it is an excellent product for moving from one place to the other just because of its capacity of not tangling and messy.


  • The hose reel can’t hold a hose greater than 20ft. The hose is made up of rubber and is not corded enough, which might tear off easily.
  • When water is running out from it, it may become heavy. You will not come to know this until you hold the hose too tightly, which may result in making the tip over.
  • Also, it is intended to give coverage of light to medium-duty and will not do heavy-duty cleaning.
  • SPX3001 is limited to the electric motor.

Consumer’s Views

Most consumers are impressed with how this SPX3001 pressure washer has changed their lives. Some points due to which they like this washer are:

  1. They like how comfortable and easy it is to set up and use, easily moveable.
  2. Impressed how this machine is not noisy at all, while others create a lot of mess and noise pollution.
  3. Some are happy because it makes it easy for them to clean off windows and high areas of the home’s exterior and on the top areas of the car.
  4. Many of them are highly convinced by the soap dispenser that made their lives and worked easiest and declares that they will not trade this pressure washer in exchange for any other.
  5. However, some people are also not satisfied and say that it could be better if the hose had better quality.
  6. Some are disappointed as they were not able to work properly with it.
  7. But the best part is that they offer a complete warranty.

Final Closure:

This model of Sun Joe is worth buying and proves excellent in providing you with great results. There is another model available too that also helps you out in achieving well-made results in terms of light to medium-duty coverage. They are also well equipped, solid recommended, and fairly affordable.

Regardless of personal choice, SPX3001 Pressure Washer is a great washer that makes it easy for you to do the cleaning. Moreover, there is one point to notice that this pressure washer will not help you get rid of the hardest stains. This will eliminate regular cleaning light dust and dirt and oil or grease that spills up right at those moments. Also, you get all the requirements of this product enchanted and packed into the review. I have tried my best to answer all of your doubts and queries and clarify the difference between the two commonly mixed models. Still, if you are having issues deciding or in any spec of this product. Make sure to ask it away in the comment box or chat. Thanks for giving it a read.

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