Porter Cable Dual Action Polisher For Removing Scratches

porter cable da polisher

Having unordinary scratches in numerous amounts does a lot bad to a healthy vehicle. It not only confronts you in terms of money but also in terms of a bad looking exterior. It becomes an actual problem to save the car from up-growing accidental scratches day by day and get rid of them. To sort out this problem, porter cable came to Infront with an excellent product. Porter-Cable is kept in mind to provide you with the best product, only functional for less effort and cheap. So, here we are to extract answers for your queries and get back that look of your car.

Porter Cable Polisher

Key Features

  • Remove odds, scratches and swirls
  • Proper Coverage
  • Excellent Grip Handle
  • Best for sanding too.
  • Efficiently save time and money
  • Turns old car into a new one.

It would not be wrong to say that porter cable da polisher came into the market to beat all of the low competitors and capture the market’s greatest part. Porter-cable dual polisher comes with vulnerable and extraordinary specs. The best part of the cable porter polisher is its 6 inches random orbit polisher that supports a motor of 4.5 amp. It is capable of providing excellent protection and great coverage of random polisher.

Comprising the suitable speed dial ranges from 2500 OPM to 6800 OPM. It becomes easy for one to control the speed of the machine according to the need and usage of the vehicle. While working with the porter cable car polisher, you may need to switch the speed from high to low, mainly while covering some sensitive parts of the car. So, this speed dial will help you out and make it easy for you to clean up your messy car without enhancing the chances of damaging it.

Moreover, the porter cable orbital polisher acts as a dual functionality by not only providing you with the polishing action but is also capable of sanding the scratches and producing a swirl-free exterior. Porter-cable random orbital polisher allows about 5/16 to 24 accessories to the spindle thread. Designed not to let you feel tired, it has an ideal weight of about only 5-1/2 lbs. In this way, you can easily finish your job without numbing your hands.

The associations of this porter cable 7424xp dual action polisher doesn’t end here. This excellent dual action polisher comprises ball and roller bearing construction, which is amazing to provide durability even when working in industries or under heavy workloads. Also, this polisher features a counterbalance for helping you out in maintaining a proper grip while working. At last, it has the capability of removing the handle and gives you another level of comfort and control.

Plus Point

Porter-cable variable speed polisher has the capability of sustaining the heavy workload. Therefore, this polisher is suitable for use in industries; where no other polisher can support this role. Also, you can clean away the scratches from the car and from trucks, sidewalls, aeroplanes, boars, and other automotive surfaces without any fear of damaging the paintwork.

It is a super recommended polisher for the newbies. It maintains a proper grip and provides a detachable handle to maintain the machine angle in the side where he requires to adjust. The other reason for the recommendation is removing the swirls without damaging the paintwork.


  • Excellent speed dial for one to control the level of speed.
  • Is supported by ball and roller bearing construction
  • Extraordinary less weighing machine.
  • Providing showroom outlook.
  • Providing a proper grip while working.
  • Highly recommended for beginners.


  • Must be fixed properly due to a detachable handle.
  • May provide results after 2-3 uses in some cases.
  • The handle may get loose over time.

Warranty And Customer Policy

Porter-cable provides their customer full support and surety of exchanging or returning the product. If they are not satisfied or if the product appears to be damaged.

You have a 3-year warranty for repairing and clearing any defects that may be occurred due to faulty material, without any cost. They will properly entertain your need unless that is not due to tool abuse.

They give you a good 1-year free service to maintain the tool and replace the damaged parts for free in the first year of purchase.

Also, 90 days money-back guarantee to return the product if you are not satisfied with the performance of polishing pads for porter cable 7424xp. It doesn’t matter if you are not satisfied with the laser or tool or the nailer. You can return it within 90 days with a full receipt and a full cash refund. 

 How To Use A Porter Cable Polisher?

A common question and a big problem for beginners is how to use a porter cable polisher. Well, I am going to answer it in simple and easy steps. As below:

  • The main part is to shake up the polisher and apply some drops to the pad attached.
  • Apply the product in small sections or the form of small divisions on the surface.
  • You can also preheat your pad for obtaining good results.
  • Turn on the porter cable 7424xp orbital polisher and switch to setting one of speed dial.
  • Now, try to spread the product on the car’s surface evenly.
  • Slowly increase the speed of the dial to the required need or maybe 3-4 settings, and don’t forget to apply moderate pressure.
  • Try working in the same area and passing from those areas at least 2,3 times before moving to the next section.
  • If you are not satisfied with the final result, you can apply some polisher on the pad again and run it through the surface until you see complete results.
  • Now refine the finish by using a clean microfiber towel and removing all the residue properly.
  • You will note an enormous shine afterwards.

Porter-Cable Polisher VS Harbor Freight: Which Is Better?

According to my personal experience, I recommend you use porter cable over harbour freight. The porter cable orbital polisher comprises a built-in clutch that allows you to stop the pad from vibrating or spinning, even when a lot of pressure is applied to the machine.

However, when applied great pressure on harbour freight, it will continue to spin the pad at a certain speed. There becomes a chance of damaging the surface when using harbour freight under great pressure.

Also, beginners may not handle the harbour and may damage the car more by removing the scratches because there is a chance of burning the paint or putting more swirls with harbour freight.

 Is Porter Cable Worth Considering?

After observing all the pros and cons, materially attached and the results. I don’t expect that it might still be a question. Da polisher porter cable is worth considering as it can polish the exterior and serve way through sanding the surface. With cheap pricing, excellent results, best quality, and incredible warranty, 7424xp porter cable has made users make easy and fast decisions.

You will not be able to find such a powerful motor at such a low price, having the ability to be used at an industrial level without any fear. Its making comprises ball and bead technology that makes it easy to inhale the extra oscillations while working. In this way, you will not receive any disturbance and will not be worried about developing extra swirls or burning the paint.

Provides you with a proper grip for balancing the usage of the polisher on the surface. It has a detachable handle that makes it easy to adjust the angle of the handle while working. Also, the lightweight motor will never allow you to become tired while working.

Simply removing all the damage and odds from the surface. It allows you to attain a brand-new car look and adds a cover of protection to the surface.

Final Closure:

7424xp porter cable da polisher is entitled to be the best dual action polisher, and this has no doubt. Portable Cable polisher itself provides you reasons and the qualities that no other polisher comprises.

Porter Cable Polisher

Key Features

  • Remove odds, scratches and swirls
  • Proper Coverage
  • Excellent Grip Handle
  • Best for sanding too.
  • Efficiently save time and money
  • Turns old car into a new one.

Providing you with a complete chance of enhancing your auto-detailing activity and allowing you to secure your effort, money and tensions. Providing you all the aspects of why to choose this product with covering the queries of how to use and how many times to use. I have tried my best to offer you the best information that I have. Suppose you are still confused about anything regarding the da polisher. Feel free to contact me and ask away your query. You can leave a comment or ping my inbox.

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