Dewalt Cordless Dual Action Polisher Review – Best Auto Detailing Polisher

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In the background of dual action polishers, a fantastic product is Dewalt da polisher. Comprising of excellent features, the Dewalt buffer polisher has been in the market since 1947 and has a huge fan base and lovers based on qualitative products, no matter whether the product is a power tool or hand tool. The DeWalt company never compromised in providing you with the best features. Dewalt has a fantastic effect like other tools and products, and mainly a DA polisher named a 20V max cordless orbital polisher. You cover all confusions and queries, providing you with the best solutions. I’m here. Writing this article for you, so let’s jump in:

Dewalt Polisher

Key Features

  • 7/9-Inch Face
  • Dual Action
  • Non-Mar Rubber Grip
  • Speed Controller
  • Up to 3500 OPM

Main Features

  • Excellent speed coverage at a range of 2000-5000 OPM, suitable for all types of applications.
  • The brushless motor makes Dewalt mini buffer more efficient and powerful.
  • It will never scratch paint, as it is cordless, so Dewalt cordless polisher allows it to move around quickly and makes the job easier.
  • Dewalt buffer cordless can quickly behold from side handle or front grip.
  • The excellent variable speed trigger allows one to increase or decrease the speed while working.
  • Also, the rubber gearcase reduces scratches and imperfections.

About Product

The most critical part of the Dewalt random orbital polisher, which makes it worth consuming, is a 5 inches random orbit polisher that is efficient enough to make your processing fast. Having two 20V max with a combination of 0.5Ah batteries that one can charge again and again makes this Dewalt orbital buffer a big deal.

Moreover, all things come with a super kit bag. The kit bag provides you with a chance to store all the products in it after using them; this is how there will be a lesser probability of losing them. Also, the excellent and powerful brushless motor makes sure that your car’s interior grows no more scratches while cleaning.

No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, you can easily use this Dewalt cordless dual action polisher without putting any extra effort while auto-detailing. It is just the best item to speed up your cleaning process and secure your time. The motor attached with this Dewalt orbital polisher gives more than 75% working compared to the brushed motor.

Further, the Dewalt cordless da polisher has a trigger that provides a variable speed and allows one to clean up the surface without any slip properly. Providing a perfect balance optimizes auto-detailing and gives you a plus point to clean up the headlights, glass, and other sensitive parts.

Providing you with a variable speed of 2000-5000 OPM, this Dewalt cordless random orbital polisher is suitable for every type of vehicle without leaving any damage. The 2.1 inches orbit diameter with the combination of a 5-inches backing plate is perfect for using messy surfaces. Also, the rubber gear case allows one to remove all the scratches and imperfections. You can hold the Dewalt cordless buffer from the side handle or front grip.


  • It has a sander type of random orbit.
  • The tool weight is about 5.5 lbs.
  • The system of battery-powered best da polisher has 20V max.
  • Comprises paper size of 5″ hook and loop.
  • The Dewalt 20-volt buffer has an OPM of about 2000-5500.
  • Product dimensions are approximately 9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches.


  • Excellent sideways battery packs are included that allow better ergonomics.
  • Super classic seed dial to give complete control during the application.
  • It has an extended motor life as the Dewalt brushless tools provide more power than a brushed tool.
  • It has a comfortable front grip that allows you to put the right amount of pressure on the polisher and better control.
  • It helps you out in preventing surface scratches by giving a protected duty.


  • The handle may get loose over time.
  • It may require two-to-three-time usage depending on the car’s condition.

What’s In The Bag?

The super-duper cordless random orbital polisher is a total blessing itself, not only by features but also by the items that come with it. The Dewalt cordless polisher kit comes with a Dewalt dcm848 orbit polisher mainly. This orbit polisher is the deal. Next comes a 5-inches backing plate. A side handle that is adjustable enough to provide you with a comfortable environment while working. A DCB115 charge. Two DCB205 XR 5.0Ah batteries offer suitable coverage. With a perfect kit bag that helps you put all the things in it, once you are done with your job.

Warranty And Customer Support Policy

The Dewalt company offers you a complete warranty and full-time customer support. Like, it provides you with a three years warranty. In case you have got some damaged product or the faulty part. You can easily access them and ask them to change up the part of the product. So, your money is saved, and you don’t have to feel worried about the faulty item. Also, they provide you a one year of free service, just in case you don’t know how to use the product appropriately. As a plus point, you also have the authority of 90 days’ money back. So, your money will never be wasted if you want to return the product you can easily do that without feeling hesitant. It all ends here, but you also get full-time support and have the authority to talk with them and ask about your confusion or the machine usage.

Is Dewalt Polisher Kit Worth Considering As Battery Powered DA Polisher?

Honestly, after observing reviews, features, and the package. This question is no more a question, and it is an explanation. Anyhow, yes, I can defiantly say that Dewalt polisher is worth considering and buying. A very cheap product with excellent functionalities and specs. A 20V max* XR random polisher allows the cordless brush to perform constantly and gives excellent coverage. An outstanding warranty and customer support.

Having a long-lasting motor life is all the deal that this Dewalt dcm848p2 is comprising, offers not only polishing but also buffing and sanding at a comfortable and constant grip. Given a complete control at the variable speed, you can cover every surface type from the headlights to the coarse and grumpy wheels. It also provides you with a whole runtime to do the job efficiently and effectively without creating any mess.

It helps you prevent scratches, whether you are a beginner or a professional. This cordless da polisher will always have your back and never let you develop new scratches during the operation. The Dewalt 20v buffer polisher also provides an easy and comfortable grip to withstand all the hardships that you may have faced before using this cordless polisher.

It also has extra fast charging, so you don’t have to wait longer to perform the task. Lightweight design that will never make you tired during the procedure of auto-detailing. These are all the reasons why Dewalt da polisher is worth considering.

How To Use Dewalt High-Speed Buffer?

Using a da polisher is always accessible. Let’s see this in steps:

  • Wash your car, as it is a pre-recommendation for using a dual action polisher. In addition, it is necessary so that the da polisher will not disturb the paintwork.
  • Closely observe the paint type. If the paint is rough, use an appropriate cutting pad and remove the swirls; otherwise, use this best dual polisher.
  • Now, start the cordless Dewalt buffer at a variable speed. A random orbital polisher will work fine.
  • After slowly applying the appropriate pressure, start increasing the speed.
  • Keep doing the polish on some specific area until you see the clean surface.
  • If you are satisfied with seeing the results, stop using the polisher.
  • However, if you still want to have more effective results. Repeat the procedure.
  • Also, always try to work in small parts and never hurry up as it may damage.
  • Remember, don’t try to keep using the Dewalt car in the same area. But, try to cover the area once or twice.
  • Using a clean cloth, remove all the residue.
  • Now, please turn off the polisher, clean the mini polisher cordless with some clean cloth and keep it in the provided kit.

Final Closure:

So, the Dewalt car polisher buffer is absolutely a blessing in your lives, as soon as you come to know the use and how to use it. It is a source of easiness and comfort for the people who find it tough to auto-detail their car just because of time and effort. It has become easy for them not to enhance the procedure without extra time and effort. Many of you have doubts and queries about the usage of Dewalt 20v Max XR brushless and its essential features. So, here in this article, I tried my best to cover it all up and provide you with the best answers. But if you are still confused about anything, feel free to contact me. I am always here to assist you and provide you with the best possible solutions. Thanks for reading.

Dewalt Polisher

Key Features

  • 7/9-Inch Face
  • Dual Action
  • Non-Mar Rubber Grip
  • Speed Controller
  • Up to 3500 OPM

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