Bissell Carpet Extractor For Auto Detailing – Detailed Review

bissell carpet extractor

Dealing with light-colored carpets, having pets, and having kids around is always a struggle. Just because it becomes easy for them to spill up what’s left and make your shiny new carpet a mess. In this case, you come across two options:

First, buy a new carpet that may probably get messy too.

To buy a reliable carpet extractor that will keep you back for a lifetime.

We tested various products and experimented on the carpet like throwing dirty water, pet hair, ketchup, and some hot chocolate. But no other extractor gave as good results as the Bissell carpet extractor. So, here we are getting you to the best product by solving your queries and giving you details about the product. So, let’s dig in and learn more.

Combination Of Bissell Portable Carpet Cleaner with SpotBot Pet

Bissell Carpet Extractor

Key Features

  • Remove stubborn stains
  • Deep cleaning
  • 6 Inch Stairs Tool Included
  • Pro Max Cleaner Bottle Included
  • 5.7 AMPs Power Rating

Bissell green portable carpet cleaner is an excellent carpet extractor for removing the toughest stains with the combination of a suction brush, cleaning formula, and hot water. This cleaner will give you top-notch results with an upright washer. You can easily clean the car’s interior, carpet, and furniture. But it will never act as a cleaner, so it will never disinfect the carpeting and the upholstery.

Bissell Spotbot Pet

Key Features

  • Deep Reach Technology
  • Different Cleaning Levels
  • Preset Automatic Cleaning
  • Fight With Tough Stains
  • Easy to Carry

On the other hand, the Bissell SpotBot Pet is an excellent automatic scrubbing tool. This tool works to not clean the floor mess, some puke, or pop by yourself. All you require is to place this whole unit over the stain, and this tool will do the rest of the job. In our experiments, this spotbot removed all the stains of ketchup. This cleaner is good but ineffective as the bot will leave the rest of his job untreated like it will not soak the water from that area, then that area will need some time to get right.


It is not wrong to say that Bissell extractor is a rug doctor. It has all the excellent specs included. It never fails to impress you from a strong suction and spray to a hose tool. The strong spray and suction help you remove the toughest stains no matter what (ketchup to wine and from kid to pet). Comprises a large tank having a capacity of 48 oz. Tank, this feature helps you out in maintaining your job and not disturbing you as you don’t need to refill the tank again and again constantly. You can easily clean your car or upholstery furniture. Also, it comes towards you with fabulous tools and with including formulas. This little green machine comes with 3 inches tough strainer tool, comprising a Hydro Rinse Sold cleaning hose tool and an 8 oz. Spot and Stain with Febreze Freshness formula, this eight oz. The formula is the trial size, and you can get more if you come across the best results. This machine weighs about 9.65 pounds. It is not tough to carry and moving around as a plus point. Also, every single purchase saves pets.

Our Likes and Dislikes

Our Likes

  • Have a compact design.
  • Excellent portable carpet extractor.
  • Removes toughest stains.
  • Strong Spray and Suction.
  • It comprises a large tank that will help you out, not refilling the tank again and again.
  • Comes with spot and stain with freeze freshener.

Our Dislikes

  • Product may get damaged if not properly supervised.

Warranty And Customer Support

Bissell provides you with a complete warranty of 1 year, which will help you if you don’t receive the machine in the right condition, you can easily contact them and provide you full assistance. Moreover, they will sort out your problems if you haven’t received some part of the cleaner or if you received the faulty part, they will replace it for one year.

Role of Bissell Portable Carpet Cleaner In Auto-Detailing

As we know, Bissell carpet extractor provides professional carpet cleaning, and it comes with superior scrubbing and suction actions. Bissell spot cleaner helps a person get rid of dirt and remove stains from the car carpet that may have lost their beauty due to puke of your children or tough stains of coffee due to spilling. In addition, it will help you eliminate the carpets’ dirt, grime, and unwanted mess during auto detailing.

This portable carpet extractor for auto detailing provides a deep clean to the interior of your car and offers a complete shine to your car seats and upholstery. Its deep sucker will suck the dust and make auto detailing easy for you. The 3-inch stain tool will also be useful in removing the stains from the car that regular extractors can’t. And simply, the tank has a capacity of about 3 litres which makes it the best auto detailing carpet extractor.

Is Bissell Carpet Extractor Worth Considering?

Overall, Bissell carpet cleaner is worth it as you can remove all types of stains from low to tough ones. It also provides unbounded usage as you can clean up from the house upholstery and furniture to the car’s interior and upholstery. So, you don’t need to buy two different extractors for doing jobs. In the case of simple stains like food stains, the hot water and soap will give perfectly fine coverage. For medium-level stains like wine, you will need a bottle cleaning solution and a scrubbing brush with some hot water, and your job will be all set. You can then dry the area up by using an air-dryer not to feel damp. These options are more reliable and easier to tackle up than portable carpet cleaners. You will need to find perfect storage in portable cleaners as they are big enough to comprise space. It will just do the pre-cleaning job by putting water and detergent in it. Also, you will put a lot of effort into a portable extractor to scrub away the stains as you use some brush. Then you will drain the cleaner’s water tank, and then after drying it, you will put away the clear. That is pretty much time taking and requires effort. So, this is why Bissell carpet extractor does a great job and has no drawbacks.

Customer’s Feedbacks:

Let’s have a look at user responses and see what people receive with this product are:

Someone wrote that after reading negative feedback, she was really confused about whether she should go with the product or not, but she bought that at risk, and it proved to be a blessing by providing excellent results. For example, Bissell green carpet cleaner cleaned her sofa and turned it into a new one.

Some other person wrote that he is very impressed with this cleaner, he wants to clean up the mess caused by his dog. As the has a grey coloured carpet and that was pretty much covered with heavy stains. But this extractor cleaned that with just a little effort. Also, it would be fabulous if you watched up the clean water opening as you can accidentally spill the dirty water off while opening it.

Someone writes that he has some dogs that puked, licked, and stepped with muddy paws on the sofa. He tried a lot to clean up that off, but it only turned out bad. So then, he came across this cleaner randomly and thought to buy it. And after the single user, the sofa turned out good and behaved as new. Moreover, it is a cheap product for one to buy.

Although most people are happy with their purchase, some persons who, when not received the product in the right condition or the tank becomes loose, turn unhappy. But still, you know that you can get a warranty of one year, so the thing is quite ok.

Final Closure:

Bissell Carpet Extractor is an excellent product to get rid of your worries of cleaning the mess and turning your old products into a new one. So, what are you waiting for? Grab yours now and amaze yourself with the best experience. Bissell Green Portable Carpet Cleaner will help you scrape off the toughest stains by sucking them off with the best sucker and is also a compatible machine. I hope I have helped you make the best decision regarding the carpet extractor, provided you with a descriptive article about the product, and cleared your queries. If you are still confused about the product, feel free to contact me as I am here to help you out 24/7. So, comment down or drop a msg. Thank you for giving this a read.

Bissell Carpet Extractor

Key Features

  • Remove stubborn stains
  • Deep cleaning
  • 6 Inch Stairs Tool Included
  • Pro Max Cleaner Bottle Included
  • 5.7 AMPs Power Rating

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Do you use hot water in Bissell carpet cleaner?

Yes, you can use hot water. But, first, you have to fill the tank with some hot water and your cleaning solution. Remember to use hot water, but you can’t usefully boil water as your tank may start leaking.

How many solutions do you need to fill in Bissell extractor?

You can put 2 oz of Bissell formula and hot water in the tank. You need to fill the tank to the levelled line and try not to exceed because, in that case, extra water might spill up. Also, don’t put boiled water in the tank.

Can I use vinegar in the Bissell carpet extractor?

Yes, you can use vinegar in a carpet extractor. However, you have to put the vinegar in the tank and use it accordingly. Also, please don’t put the saturated amount of vinegar in the tank as it may give a faded effect to your carpet.

Why my little green machine is not suctioning?

If there is no/low suction, all you need to do is turn off and unplug the machine, then remove the dirt and grease from the tank. Now turn on the machine and check out the suction.

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