Top 6 Best Cordless Grease Gun Review & Buyer Guide

cordless grease gun

Owning a car is not enough. You need to properly take care of the wear and tears coming along your way. For dealing with the upcoming damage, you need to take care of the machinery as a number one priority. Now many of you might be thinking of how to do this? And maybe some of you might also know the answer but don’t have access to the easy method. Don’t worry, as I will answer all of your worries right here.

To increase the life span of your vehicle’s machinery, you need to keep a closer eye on it and lubricate the essential parts from time to time. However, lubricating parts itself is an incredible mess, and you might also not be able to reach the air-tight spaces for lubrication. For this purpose, market space introduced Grease Gun. These power grease guns help you evaluate the process of lubrication and save your time and effort. Science introduced the Cordless Grease Gun as an advanced version of grease guns.

Unlike electric grease gun, cordless guns ended the need for power and range limits. You can quickly move throughout the area with cordless grease guns without hesitation.

Top 6 Best Cordless Grease Guns

Having a wide variety of cordless grease guns, it becomes tough for a beginner to decide and make the right choice. Solving this issue here in this article, I will discuss the best cordless grease gun and the cheap cordless grease guns, giving you time to choose. So, let’s begin:

1. DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun

Top Pick

Key Features

  • It has the power to pass through blocked grease fittings.
  • Comprises high volume pump.
  • Excellent LED feature to observe tight spaces.
  • Includes variable speed trigger.

In the history of grease guns, Dewalt is making one of the most versatile products. Dewalt keeps in mind to provide the user with easy and suitable equipment to help them do their work comfortably. Dewalt max cordless grease gun is a masterpiece as it comprises a powerful motor. This power supply is provided high PSI of a maximum of 10,000.

Another essential plus point of the Dewalt 20V max cordless grease gun is that it provides a high-volume pump. This high-volume pump has the capability of executing power rushing through high-flow applications.

Having an incredible hose length, Dewalt cordless grease gun helps you in reaching the tighter spaces and the un-accessible areas. It is designed keeping user comfort in mind, therefore is the most efficient machine today.

Also, it has a lock-in and lock-off trigger that helps one switch between on and off. Users can easily accommodate the trigger and turn it on and off as required. This Dewalt gun can deliver more than 16 cartridges per charge as a bonus. It has a LED feature that helps the user observe the fittings of tight spaces. A pump filter is also available that controls the dirt and harmful bacteria from entering the sensitive parts.

Our Likes

  • Save time and effort.
  • It gives you a perfect grip as it has an ergonomic handle.
  • It is lightweight and comprises a powerful motor.

Our Dislikes

  • A little pricey.

2. Milwaukee 2446-21XC M12 Cordless Grease Gun

Editor’s Choice

Key Features

  • Comes on budget, with incredible features.
  • It has a LED to increase user convenience.
  • Comprises long pipe that will allow you to grease un-accessible parts.
  • Powerful motor providing high pressure.

If you are looking for a solid grease gun, don’t forget to consider Milwaukee Grease Gun Cordless as your number one priority. Milwaukee no doubt has made some top-notch grease guns that are also a part of the best cordless grease guns for heavy equipment. Milwaukee cordless grease gun 18-volt lithium-ion battery charger hard case has top quality design and features that make this product comfortable for beginners.

The best part of this Milwaukee 2446 M12 Cordless Lithium-Ion Grease Gun is the pressure it offers, up to 8,000 psi, with a high flow rate of grease at 10oz per minute. These powers of Milwaukee are higher than any other grease gun available in the colossal market. Due to its unconvincing power and lightweight, this gun has become one of the best on the market. Its extended features have increased the demand and made it a must tool for greasing purposes.

The unique part of this grease gun is that it carries two-speed triggers, which allows you to easily switch between fast delivery to slow delivery of grease according to your need. It also has a pre-set grease counter to help you move a fixed amount of oil while operating.

Believe me or not, this machine is a lifesaver, especially for beginners. Another impressive feature of this grease gun is its handled balance and the 14 inches length that allows this machine to go deep into the un-accessible parts. Along with hose storage and LED fuel gauge, it enhances user convenience.

Our Likes

  • Worth of money.
  • It is super comfortable for beginners.
  • It is lightweight and provides proper balance while operating.

Our Dislikes

  • The charger and battery do not come with the kit.

3.Lumax 12V Cordless Grease Gun with Single Battery

Editor’s Choice

Key Features

  • Provides a high flow rate.
  • It is lightweight and has the ability of durable construction.
  • Maintains a comfortable grip.
  • Has a fast charger.

For the need for a single battery grease gun, don’t forget to go with LUMAX LX-1175 Handy LUBER 12 V Grease Gun. Lumax this product provides you with high efficiency and comfort level while working and keeping users’ interests in mind Lumax has designed this gun with a beautiful design. 

The exterior of this grease gun is chrome plated, which gives protection to its body and helps it remain safe from corrosion, sun, and other chemical material that can harm this machine. The best part of this is high-pressure up to 7000 psi and a built-in valve that will provide you with a high flow rate of 3.5 oz/minute.

Lumax cordless grease gun is easy to tackle and provides you with all the good features to keep your budget in control. Lumax lx-1175 fuels itself with a high-power charger of about 12V that fills up to 5 cartridges and gives the user a long-lasting capacity to work through. Alongside it is lightweight and has extraordinary features that make this gun worthy.

Moreover, it comes with a fast charger and a 30″hose that will quickly hit the tough spots and move around to infuse blocked parts. Coming with a warranty of 1-year long, this gun holds the trust of users. 

Our Likes

  • It has a chrome plating that saves the machine from corrosion.
  • Comprises tremendous pressure of about 7,000 psi.
  • It gives an excellent grip while working.

Our Dislikes

  • Not recommended for big projects.

4. Ryobi 18V Volt Cordless Grease Gun

Best Choice

Key Features

  • Comprises of long-lasting battery.
  • Has a powerful motor.
  • Excellent on/off mechanism.
  • Hose helps in reaching the thin areas.

It is coming up with ending your worries of grease fitting strongly. Here is another excellent grease gun Ryobi. Ryobi 18v Cordless Grease Gun is a super-budget-friendly grease gun that leaves no comparison. This grease gun provides you with a superpower of about 10,000 PSI that helps you to operate efficiently during the greasing procedure. This gun is made to rock in the market from the exterior to the performance.

Its construction is done with a steel tube that provides the Ryobi grease gun more strength and longevity to withhold the pressure while operating. Coming with an excellent flow rate of about 7.5/ min, this grease gun provides you with an efficiency of about 18V.

Ryobi cordless tools grease gun has an LED attached to it that helps you observe the dark, inaccessible areas. With a long 30” hose, Ryobi cordless 18v grease gun has a safety on and off mechanism that makes it easy for the user to remove the garbage from the workspace.

Our Likes

  • Is lightweight.
  • Has an air bleeder valve.
  • Excellent flow rate.

Our Dislikes

  • Battery not included.

5. Ingersoll Rand 20V Lithium-Ion Cordless Grease Gun

Best Choice

Key Features

  • Comprises 20v lithium-ion battery.
  • Has a full grip handle.
  • Is lightweight.
  • Has a powerful motor.

Ingersoll rand cordless grease gun comes with a 20V gun making a combination with a premium lithium-ion battery. Ingersoll Rand is a powerful machine that helps the user clear up the job quite efficiently and quickly in no time. Although this grease gun has a powerful motor, it is lightweight and easy to tackle throughout the job. You can efficiently work with Ingersoll rand lub5130 20v cordless grease gun for a long time as this gun is comfortable to hold. It has a grip-moulded handle that will never slip out due to sweating while operating.

Also, it has all the properties of strength, efficiency, long-lasting battery, and easy usage. Overall this gun is best for professional use and makes the working easy.

Our Likes

  • Comfortable and pliant.
  • Easy to use, even as a professional.
  • Less time-consuming.

Our Dislikes

  • Air bleed is less efficient.

6. WorkForce MEGA POWER 12V Battery Operated Grease Gun

Best Choice

Key Features

  • Powerful 12v grease gun.
  • Provides excellent grip.
  • Plated with a steel barrel.

Workforce 12-volt cordless grease gun kit involves itself with dominant features covering up a huge fan base. This grease gun comes with a motor power of about 12 v that offers a solid pressure to the gun to cover blocked areas. Workforce 12v cordless grease gun kit w l1380 has a construction based on a plated steel barrel that helps its exterior be saved from oxidation and corrosion, holding up the durability.

Other than its power, this grease gun provides about 6,000 pounds/inch of pressure to work comfortably. Workforce cordless grease gun is easy to use and has interchangeable parts included in the kit that allows the user to replace the damaged parts with the new one and continue the journey. It is lightweight and has the power to provide a proper grip to users. It is long-lasting and is super comfortable for beginners.

Our Likes

  • Interchangeable parts are included in the kit.
  • Is super easy to work with.
  • Budget-friendly.

Our Dislikes

  • Not recommended for professional use.

How To Use Cordless Grease Gun?

After buying the best cordless grease gun, the query that remains in one’s mind is how to use it properly. So, let’s discuss this in detail:

Know Features:

The main priority is to know about your grease gun properly before using it. Have a look at the features, fittings, and battery timings. Try to load up your gun, it may seem challenging at first, but you will become used to it after some usage.


You will find a connecting rod and a barrel on the grease gun body. An actuator, also called the head, will be paired up with a nozzle to help you allocate the lubrication.

Loading The Gun:

You will pull up the connecting rod, un-attach the head and insert the lube tube into the grease gun to get it back to the original position. It may appear challenging initially, but you will become an expert just after a few tries.

Selection Of Grease:

Now, after loading the gun. The point o selecting grease remains. For this purpose, you need to know your work type and make the right choice accordingly. Choosing the proper grease is crucial because if you make a little mistake in this, you may end up messing all around. Also, never mix different grease types to create a new one. As this may increase your stress level.

How To Clean Cordless Grease Gun?

After using the grease gun, you might be thinking of how to clean it up, as using a gun after a routine might give rise to grime and mud. So, cleaning becomes an essential step in this case. Never mind, as I am going to discuss this step too. So, let’s have a look at it:

Knowing all the methods and stages for cleaning is as important as the actual cleaning is. There are several steps to clean up your cordless grease gun. As a professional, you may know how to complete this task accurately. But a newbie might need these instructions.

Step Wise Guide To Clean:

  • Firstly try to extract the dirt and dust through the air compressor. Now wipe up all the fittings first with the grease gun parts.
  • You can also refrain from using the gun in the parts where dust and dirt are prominent to keep your gun clean.  
  • You require an anti-grease solution to clean up the grease gun, as simple water will not be able to lift the tough grease and its leftover.
  • Based on your cordless grease gun model, try to remove the old grease container.
  • Now clean up the excess grease and the leftover that may be leaning in the exterior or interior nozzle and the other parts. Do this with the help of a clean microfiber cloth.
  • After you are done with the second step, try to wash the exterior and interior parts of the grease gun with the help of a liquid solution.
  • Note to remove all the dirt and residue.
  • Now let the gun dry. It may take about a day to load the new container again into the weapon.
  • How To Extend The Life Of Grease Gun
  • Here are some pro tips to extend the life of your grease guns:
  • Try to clean your grease gun daily, as the dirt may accumulate and destroy the fittings.
  • Observe that all the areas and parts of the grease gun are at their best before use.
  • Clean up the fittings with the help of an anti-grease to get better results.
  • Use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe up the critical parts of the gun to remove debris.
  • If there appears to be a broken fitting, try to replace it with a new one. Always examine the fittings after some interval to avoid future damage.
  • Attempt to normalize the correct type. When significant, mark up the grease gun fitting with the help of grease used in the process.
  • Set out to keep away from the changes.
  • Keep a constant flow of the grease while working and learn the proper method to use the grease gun.
  • To achieve accuracy, make sure to use correct grease comprising accurate volume.
  • Every grease gun, has its level of pressure. Try to be aware of the sealed destruction.
  • Always keep the gun clean and avoid messy places.
  • Try to clean up in a clear workspace.
  • When a grease gun is not in usage, try to cover it with a clean cloth, so the dirt can’t enter the areas.
  • Keep the perfect and proper adjustment of the fittings to avoid damage.
  • Keep your safety first while working because your health is more important.
  • To avoid disgrace, clean up the fittings while repacking the gun from the pressure line. 
  • Try to save your surrounding plants and animals by keeping a safe distance while changing the tube.

Buyer’s Guide

No matter whatever product you are buying from an online or a store. Always try to read all the essential factors to save your investment.

Installing a machine or lubrication is tough. Without using proper grease, you might destroy your gun, as the gun may heat up quickly.

Keep your money safe and try to buy the best cordless grease gun that I have suggested earlier. I have recommended the most famous products to you, trying to guide you properly. Apart from this, there are still some important features to note while buying. Let’s have a look at them:

Hose Length:

Always try to go with the best and long hose length to save your extra effort. A long hose will be suitable enough for you to cover tight fittings easily. As a professional, you realize that you need to reach tight regions and place grease in un-accessible parts too. For this lubrication, a long hose is helpful as you may not be able to do this complex job with your hands.

Turning your issue into a solution, you will have a flexible hose that will deliver a tremendous and constant amount of grease to the challenging parts of the machine.


Finding your need, you need to assemble the pressure accordingly. If you are buying a grease gun for professional use or a demanding job, you may go with the high pressure of about 10,000 Psi. But if you are looking for a grease gun for home use or a low job, the suitable pressure for you will be 6,000-7,000. It would help if you bought the machine accordingly.


As we know that buying machinery online is a significant risk. Therefore because you are sacrificing your money already, the fear of getting a damaged gun becomes greater. So, make sure to buy the gun from the brand that offers you a warranty to accompany your loss (just in case).

Cartage Storage:

While working with auto-mobile. We all need the capacity to fulfil our expectations, and you will never have to refill again in the mid of the procedure. But if you have a low-capacity cartridge, you will have to fill it repeatedly, and one may quickly become annoyed doing this job. So, observe the cartridge capacity at the time of buying. The best cartridge capacity is about 14-oz, enough to hold an incredible amount of lubrication.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

For what purposes do you need a grease gun?

The primary function of a grease gun is to evaluate lubricants to the un-accessible parts through the hole, from a fitting or grease cartridge into the nipple. These nipples investigate and lead the fluids to areas where lubrication is required.

What amount of grease should you put in grease fittings?

The recommended way of doing this step is to read the instruction manual to have an idea. However, while greasing Zerk, you should try not to overflow them as it may cause the grease to fall off the seals. So, don’t overfill the joints as it may cause harm.

How many types of grease guns are there?

The grease gun, helpful in evaluating grease on the critical points, has many types. Some grease guns come in pistol-grip, some in the hand-grip, air-powered, lever, and some in battery-operated. All of these are utilized by users according to their interests and needs. However, the best among these all is lever-designed grease guns.

Final Closure:

Key Features

  • It has the power to pass through blocked grease fittings.
  • Comprises high volume pump.
  • Excellent LED feature to observe tight spaces.
  • Includes variable speed trigger.

Grease guns are essential for keeping your auto-mobile going and increasing their age. Many of you came here with many doubts, and I tried to clear them up. If you are still confused between these six enlisted products, you should go with Dewalt Max Cordless Grease Gun as this grease gun consumes considerable fame from the local market users and the professionals. If you have any queries regarding grease guns, let me know in the comment section or ping me up to your inbox. Thanks for giving it a read.

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