Best Car Cleaning Kits for Interior and Exterior Detailing [Review & Guide] 2022

best car cleaning kits

From a professional detailer to the temporary person on the road with a basic car washer, all the persons know that cleaning and waxing a car is as important for receiving the best judgments about your personality. However, spending money and buying every professional product from wax to towels costs a lot more in the pockets of some. In this situation, brands introduced car detailing kit to keep it simple and cheap. These car detailing kits have different price ranges, from basic wash and wax to complete professional car interior and exterior detailing bundles. These packages cost less and provide you a chance to use and get an idea about certain products, so if you like that product, you can buy a larger quantity. 

Researches show that washing and waxing car, truck, and cycles have never been easy. Car companies deliver everything from wax to shiner to satisfy your needs and give the best results. Let’s look at the best car detailing kits without wasting any time.

Top 7 Best Car Cleaning Kits Review

1. Chemical Guys HOL148MAX 20-Piece Arsenal Builder Wash Kit

Top Pick

Key Features

  • Requires no pressure washer.
  • Include Exterior and Interior Care
  • Includes brushes, towels, and accessories.

As we all know that chemical guys cleaning products are already rocking the market with their effective results providing the best cleaning products overall. Same in this case, they have introduced some best kits as chemical guys clean and shine starter kit, chemical guys foam wash gun kit, chemical guys clay bar and lubricant kit, chemical guys brush kit. Out of all chemical guys hol148 arsenal builder kit has some unique level that easily gathers the attraction of any car enthusiast or any car fan.

Chemical Guys complete kit has everything you need to outstand your car and make the exterior of the car and the interior look excellent. The beauty of this car wash kit not only end here chemical guys car wash kit has tools that will help you reduce the time limit of application and the effort.

Having a foamy gun increased its worth as while using it, you need no additional tools and machines to create foamy cleaning. When combined with a standard hose, this gun requires no additional machine to create foamy cleaning fun. Plus, it comes with a bucket, cyclone dirt trap, wet butter wax, honeydew snow foam, silk shine, diablo wheel gel, glass cleaner, short handle brush, a microfiber wash mitt, microfiber towels, dressing applicators. It would not be wrong to say that the chemical brother’s car wash kit is a perfect match up of the best car washing tools. What else do you need? When you have all these products combined in just 200 dollars. Having top-notch results, this kit is cheaper than the products individually.    


  • Excellent results.
  • Easy to use.
  • Foam guns work with the standard hose.
  • Professional Detailing Output


  • Is pricey.
  • It can come with more soap.

2. Armor All Premier Car Care Kit (8 Items)

Budget Pick

Key Features

  • It’s super affordable.
  • Include bonus products included as a gift.
  • Have everything for a perfect result
  • 8 Pcs for Interior and Exterior Detailing

Nothing is worse than going through the cheap package while on a budget. If you are, so armour all detailing kit comes with eight top-notch products to give your car excellent shine and glamour from interior to exterior detailing, from tires to seats. Armour all bucket kit includes a wash and wax combo car wash, wheel and tire cleaner, tire shine, a protectant spray, glass cleaner, and a multi-purpose cleaner.

The best of all the products is a multi-purpose cleaner, interior protectant, and glass cleaner. Believe me or not but the interior protectant included in armour all car wash kit is going to save your life forever, once you are done with interior cleaning you can easily apply the leave of this protectant and it will help you out to save the interior parts from uneven accidents like dust, bugs.

Moreover, you also get a wash pad and air freshener pump as a gift that helps your car smell fresh. Also, a big thanks to spray bottles included as they will help you out in achieving a new finish and spotless shine with no extra effort.

Overall, the armour all car care kit has everything you need as a traditional car washer. This is a wise choice for some people looking to dip their feet into detailing also you get a chance of achieving a home car wash system that helps you out in maintaining your budget.   


  • Easy to use.
  • Cheap package.
  • Gives effective results.
  • Glare shine to glass.


  • Air freshener may not last long.
  • No bucket included.

3. Turtle Wax 50754 Ultimate Car Care Kit

Editor’s Pick

Key Features

  • Includes excellent products.
  • The package is cheap and affordable.
  • Will remove scratches and add shine and protection to the surface.

Turtle wax has introduced their kit at a relatively cheap price as compared to any other product kit. It is my favourite kit because its wide range allows users to clean, wax or shine their cars and add a protection layer on the exterior to save the surface from different kinds of damage.

Working in such a way that the shiner dries quickly and adds a protection layer, offering the surface a wet look. Turtle wax bucket with grit guard includes tire shine, Odor-X spray, scratch and swirls remover, ZipWax wash and wax, dry and wax spray wax, dashboard and interior glass detailer, inside and out protectant, two microfiber towels, a foam applicator pad. Turtle wax car products provide a proper surety to their users by providing excellent customer support.

This turtle wax car wash kit is a great option as it includes the products that will help you extract the bad odour. Turtle car cleaner will simply help you maintain or enhance the beauty of your car, no matter if your car is new or old. The point to note here is that please keep in mind that this kit or items included in it will not act as a miracle and will not remove deep scratches.


  • Is super cheap.
  • Excellent for interior and exterior beauty.
  • Easy to use.


  • Will not remove deep scratches.
  • Tire shiner may not last very long, and you may need to re-apply.

4. Meguiar’s G55032SP Complete Car Care Kit

Best Value

Key Features

  • Includes qualitative products.
  • Gives the unordinary best results.
  • Emit the need to go to a professional detailer.

It would not be wrong if I say Megauir’s gained its reputation in the vast market by producing excellent and qualitative car cleaning products. When used combinedly, these products give unbelievable results and turn your car into a bomb vehicle. We recommend this Meguair’s all in one because it contains every high-quality product.

Meguiar’s automotive cleaning kit will emit your chance to run to a professional store and give you everything you want, including car shampoo, conditioner, a liquid wax, quick detailer and interior detailer, scratch 2.0, a plastic polisher and cleaner, microfiber wash mitt and towels, a foam applicator pad. Meguiar’s complete car care kit also includes a clay bar which many of the kits don’t.

The plus part of this Meguiar’s detailing kit is that it is super affordable. Also, it helps you to achieve a spotless finish and shine from interior to exterior. Removing surface imperfections gives a sleeky look. The best part is that its tire shiner lasts longer than the other kits and is not greasy at all. Meguiar’s car products never disappoint you in achieving the best results.


  • Gives a long-lasting shine.
  • Includes many bounce products.
  • Gives deep protection.


  • Products may require a little more time than other kits.
  • Wheel cleaning products are less.

5. LUCKLYJONE 10Pcs Car Cleaning & Wash Tools Kit

Best Value

Key Features

  • Worth of money.
  • Tire and wheel brushes perform excellently.
  • Leaves satisfactory results.

Snow eagle is a full car detail kit. Its manufacturer just made sure that this kit should provide an interior auto cleaning kit and an exterior auto cleaning kit, covering all the essentials that a person needs. It includes a window scrapper, a car duster, tire brush, wheel brush with handle, car sponge, a duster for air vent, plastic blow, a saving room, and microfiber towels. This kit is selected as a review due to the effective results and reliability of all products included in this. Providing complete protection to your vehicle, its tools are made from fine and durable material that will leave no scratch on your car. Comprising of easy and perfect products to use, it cleans your vehicle from surface to air vent, from seat to wheels and doors, offering complete coverage, which will leave your car in spotless condition.


  • Gives a new look to the car.
  • Best for interior and exterior cleaning.
  • Leaves, no scratches.


  • Box may get broken if more pressure is applied.

6. Chemical Guys HOL123 Car Cleaning Kit for Interior & Exterior

Best Value

Key Features

  • Is a best-detailing starter kit.
  • Gives a deep glossy shine.
  • Products are of high quality.

Chemical Guys HOL123 is a complete car detailing kit and a professional detailing kit. It arrives with a foam gun that works excellent when coming in contact with a garden hose, which is also a plus point as you will not need any additional tools or machinery to get a deep clean. Also, comes with a bucket, wet butter wax, cyclone dirt trap, honeydew snow foam, wheel gel, a silk shine dressing, glass cleaner, microfiber wash mitt, a short-handled brush, some microfiber towels the last dressing applicator.

Combinedly, these car cleaning products are produced to auto detail the exterior by restoring faded trim and removing all the dirt and grime, finally giving a deep glossy finish. The top part is that you can try and check all the products at a cheaper cost, which may have a higher process when bought individually. The foam gun is super easy to use and creates excellent foaming action. On the other hand, all these products smell good and are top-notch.


  • Gives excellent results.
  • Easy to use.
  • A foam gun gives the best outcome when used with a standard hose.


  • A little high-priced.
  • A foam gun will not work with a pressure washer.

7. AUTODECO 25Pcs Microfibre Car Wash Cleaning Tools Set

Best Value

Key Features

  • Is a professional kit.
  • Solves the problem of storing products.
  • From wheels to glass gives excellent results in every single part.

If you resemble a professional car detailing kit, you should go with Auto Deco. Auto deco contains everything and anything that you need to switch from dull exterior to glamorous surface. It has 25 different and unique items, from a water scraper to a car duster. It includes a car tire brush, car wheel brush with handle, car wash sponge, mini duster for car air vent, three microfiber towels and four wax applicators, ten glasswasher cleaning tablets, car tire cleaning stone, a plastic bow storage box. The top part of this kit is that it includes a storage box, so you can store all the items in it after you are done with the application, and it also decreases the fear of losing items. Also, every single item is made from fine material that is soft and durable enough to withstand grouches. Moreover, this kit makes sure that the car’s exterior should shine and interior also. This kit performs efficiently by providing a complete shine and protection from the surface to wheels and glass.  


  • Cleans car’s inside and outside.
  • It is an excellent kit for beginners and professionals.
  • Easy to use.


  • Is expensive.
  • Lacks a dirt filter.

Specific Car Cleaning Tips

  • Use a two-bucket car wash with water and car wash soap. Also, another way to rinse it effectively is to rinse, wash, mitt or sponge out. It will help you keep dirt and debris away from the bucket and reduce the chance of putting dirt back on the surface while washing.
  • Try to keep the car out of sunlight and heat while washing, as water spots can create irritation when exposed to the sun.
  • Always try to clean windows from the interior first, as you can miss them internally that will look bad, so it is recommended to do this job first.
  • You will need a right and copious amount of product to ensure that you use the amount properly without wasting and doubling it.

How To Use Detailing Kit?

Most of the professionals and car washers start cleaning the car’s exterior first and then move towards the interior. But you are not bound to this is. You can start from wherever you want to, keep in mind to start from a large area to a small one. Start from larger surfaces as you require more time on them and then move towards lower detailing, finally cleaning the nooks.


  • Start with some automotive detergent and clean the car. Most detailing kits include car soaps and detergents you can use if you don’t have an automotive detergent.
  • With the help of sponge wash exterior including panels, lights, wheels, tires, window, and rims. Now, wash away the detergent. You can do this until all the dirt is wiped.
  • Use a microfiber towel and dry the exterior. Don’t let the water dry by itself as it can leave water spots.
  • Now, pick-up cleaners clean the different sections of the car’s exterior. Use glass cleaner in your kits or automotive glass to clean lights and windows.
  • Clean the tires and rims using the same procedure. Make sure to use the cleaners that are specifically designed for them. Keep in mind that if your wheels don’t shine like they are wet, they aren’t clean even after drying. You can repeat the step if required.
  • The next step is to use car buffer if available in your kit. Otherwise, you can go with some microfiber rag, and elbow grease can be used to apply car wax, polisher or rubbing compound of your availability or choice to the exterior surface.

· Using a small amount of chosen polishing compound on car buffer or microfiber towel, carefully apply the car buffer to the panel. Ensure that the panel is parallel to the car buffer pad and retain some gentle pressure while applying.

· Don’t hover over the same spot again and again for a long time, and you may burn the finish.

· Also, don’t forget to apply wax before polishing.


· Cleaning the interior can take a lot of time and focus retention. There is a lot of leather and upholstery that harsh chemicals can stain. But you know the tip, starting from larger to smaller parts, clean it up.

· Starting with applying upholstery cleaner on seats and carpets. Make sure to check up the product by applying it to a hidden area of the car to ensure that it leaves no damage. Also, if there is no upholstery in your car detailing kit, you can buy them too.

· The second and last step to detail the interior is to use small brushes available in your kits. Brush and make your interior’s nooks, crannies, dashboards, console, door frames, and the other parts that you find dirty. Keep doing this step until the interior can be displayed into auto action.

Price Ranging:

  • A basic car detailing often costs $50- $125 if you get it done by some professional, and it usually has wash, wax, polishing interior, tire cleaning and vacuum.
  • It will cost $75- $160 if you also add up SUV, truck or van.
  • And it will cost even more if you choose some more details.
  • However, if you choose to do this detailing by yourself, it will cost you some dollars to buy a hat detailing kit, depending on your pocket and choice. However, the detailing products can be used more and more than one time for the professional washer.

Buyer’s Guide:


The most important choice to make while buying a professional all-rounder kit. Here in this article, I have ensured that you get this factor while buying.

Removing Duplicates:

As you know, you have to cool down your car with water and then use shampoo and wax. Different bundles include different materials and products. Some include wax and wash, while some have waxed and washed separately. Other bundles also have tire shiners, scratch removers, glass cleaners, protectants, and other interior cleaning products. Some of these products may already be available in your car care products. So just make sure to note them before buying your bundle so that you will not have duplicate products.


Different bundles include some advanced tools like foam cannon, buckets, guns, standard hose that are available to make your work easier and faster. You can buy them if you need them; you don’t need to worry about the pricing as in bundles, these tools come out at low prices.

Final Closure:

Car detailing kits give you wide and affordable choices of trying different products, as they may be costly in your pocket if bought separately. Keep in mind all the factors, and then make your wise choices accordingly. I have put some best and all-rounder detailing kits here o make you select accurately. Also, in case you are still confused, you can go with Chemical Guys, as that kit is just an advanced formulation of products at a lower price. Moreover, chemical guys have done a great job providing efficient results and qualitative products. But, if you are on a budget and require some cheap product, you can go with Armor All Premier Car Care Kit. I hope that I have answered your doubts and queries. If you still have confusion, you can drop a comment or leave a message in the chatbox. Thank you for reading.

Top Pick

Key Features

  • Requires no pressure washer.
  • Include Exterior and Interior Care
  • Includes brushes, towels, and accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is the best car detailing kit?

You can go with Chemical Guys. This kit contains everything that you need and gives the best results.

Can I use household shampoo or cleaning soap on my car?

No, as there is a chance that these heavy-duty shampoos can strip off car wax and sealants. You can use ammonia-free products, but you have to test them first in some inconspicuous areas. Car care products may be pricey, but they do the job correctly without giving blow to your fears.

How Often Should I Use Detailing Kit?

The essential thing to remember is that when you detail your car regularly, it makes sure that you get a clean finish giving exceptional protection from the elements and scratches. Detailing your car often will enhance the life of the car and increase the value of the vehicle. It doesn’t matter how often you use your car; you should detail it after a short period or daily. This huge range of selection will help you start (link article to itself). You can also wash your car after a week if you don’t have enough time.

What items should I look for in the car wash kit?

A basic kit includes car wash soap, liquid wax, wheel cleaner and tire foam. Its advanced term may also include glass cleaner, multi-purpose cleaner and odor eliminator. More advanced kits may also include tools as a bucket, foam guns, sponges, towels, brushes. Some more advanced may also have clay bars.

What is the best cleaner for the car’s interior?

The best cleaner will be the one that is suited to the material. That’s why I always recommend checking the product in some hidden area before using it. Use the right cleaner for carpets, upholstery, seats, and plastic.

How to maintain a car after detailing it?

You can wash your car regularly and apply a detailer on the exterior as needed. However, it regularly maintains interior vacuum and cleans the stains at the exact moment when they come in place. It will help you in maintaining the detailing.