Avid Power Polisher For Car Detailing – In-depth Review

Avid power polisher has taken the market with a considerable fanbase, serving the market with unexpected results. Avid power has been in the market for more than 80 years and has produced excellent and efficient high-quality tools. These efficient tools served the market and made it easy for one to auto-detail and do other aweary work efficiently without any extra effort. Of course, they have many other polishers available for different work purposes. But the most famous and high-rated among them are avid power buffer polishers. So, let’s discuss this da polisher in detail and know why avid power dual action polisher is famous.

Avid Power Buffer Polisher

Key Features

  • 1,500-6,800 rpm
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Easy to Operate
  • Can be Used on Sand Wood and Metal

Why Avid Polisher?

  • A variable speed control dial gives a constant amount of coverage and pressure throughout the session of auto-detailing.
  • Detachable handle for quickly adjusting the angle of the handle according to your choice.
  • Rubberized body for giving an excellent grip.
  • Supporting an easy on/ off for superior ease of usage.
  • Avid power buffer polisher comprises various buffing pads for performing different tasks.

About Avid Polisher:

The incredible products come by luck. So, as avid power polisher 6-inch dual action, the best part that we love about this product is its speed control dial. Without any damage to the car’s exterior, this polisher buffer will give a constant speed and offer you a perfect covering during the process.

Having versatile features, it has the ability to remove all the odds from the surface, including scratches, uneven paintwork, oxidation, marks. Avid power polisher has a powerful motor that withstands all the damage. The random orbital polisher in avid glass is perfect not only as DA polisher but is also helpful in removing defects scratches from all painted vehicles and swirls. Also, the plus point is that it will add depth and shine to your paintwork back and make your car brand new.

You can use avid polisher on many other surfaces like metal, glass, and wood. Moreover, avid power polisher has designed and extended to provide a fixed amount of speed that is 1500/min, usually on speed setting 1 and 2. When the machine is not touching any surface, the speed will remain low, and it will increase to developing 1 or 2, as an avid buffer connects the car. However, the actual rate will be there if you go to the speed dial 3 to 6.  

Giving no-load speed, usually 1,500- 6,800 RPM, with six different speed control dials to protect the surfaces from damage and a low-speed control for waxing and buffing. The speed dial also provides a medium speed for polish and cleaning purposes and a high speed for removing odds, including paint defects, swirls, scratches, and oxidation.

Avid power dual action polisher has a rubberized body and adjustable body handle to provide you with a comfortable environment while working. A complete grip on the dual polisher so that the machine will not fall apart for any reason and give you a smooth and pleasant coverage. The rubberized body also reduces the chance of any shock while working.

The important part is to ensure that the backing pad is fully aligned securely and firmly. Otherwise, the lodging will oscillate more than usual, and there will be chances of causing control loss or maybe of throwing the pad out of the tool. As a plus point, it is easiest to operate, no matter how many cars or surfaces you have to clean. This avid auto glass will execute every detailing job quickly and is reliable for you. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional. You can easily do the auto-detailing job using this best dual-action polisher.


  • Best da polisher for removing every type of damage, including scars, swirls, and oxidation.
  • Have a professional polish tool for polishing and removing defects smoothly without any stains and flaws of the vehicle.
  • It gives the professional auto-detailing look to the car after usage, adding depth and unique shine.
  • Regenerates the beauty of the car as brand-new.
  • Avid power polisher provides an excellent power of 600W suitable for all vehicles.


  • Depending on the car’s condition, it may not show the total result after a one-time application.
  • No kit terrible included.

What’s In The Box:

Avid power dual action polisher comes with an efficient polisher, comprising all the capabilities. With 3x foam pads in the kit as a bonus, if one pad gets damaged, you can replace it with a new one without repurchasing it—one foam disc to support the buffing part. A detachable handle to easily remove and adjust the handle’s control according to your need—a spanner to boost up the auto-detailing procedure without any strenuous efforts. Finally, a hex wrench to support the constant speed and at last a user manual for guidance about how to use it.


  • The part number is AEP127.
  • Item weight is about 6.82 pounds, so you will not be tired after holding it up for a long time.
  • Avid polish buffer has an item size of 6 inches.
  • The manufacturer is the famous Avid Power.
  • Having dimensions of 14.84 x 7.52 x 6.14 inches.
  • Provides pressure of about 120 voltages.
  • The power is about 600 watts.
  • It also has a dial speeder on the front to adjust the speed according to your job.

Is Avid polisher As Auto Detailing Buffer Polisher Worth Considering?

Avid power dual action polisher is undoubtedly remarkable for dealing with intricate swirls and scratches. Besides every other da polisher, it is the best da polisher for auto detailing. It provides you a chance to do all in one technique, from buffing to scrapping and polishing. This avid buffer machine does all the job in no time.

You will never feel tired, and your work will be boosted. In no time, you will achieve the best results of the polish and an incredible shine with a protective layer over the surface. This protective layer will prevent further damage, including oxidation, bugs, insects, sun rays, swirls, and unseen damage if you look for a high-performance and easy-to-use polishing machine.

Avid polisher will serve you by providing you with a 6-inch random orbital polisher that is a great choice. An incredible six control speed dial that allows you to adjust the speed of the polisher according to your preference. Also, it comes with 7-inch pads. So, according to my point of view and experience, this deal is gold at this much low price.

Consumer’s point of view:

Let’s see what the users say about their purchases. Whether they are happy with it or not. Come with me:

Someone said that she was having an issue with the on/off switch. So, she complained and asked the manufacturer to change it without hesitation. And the manufacturer company sent a replacement. So, she is super happy after using this polisher and is also very impressed by the fast customer service.

After reading the avid power polisher reviews, some professional detailer said that he bought this da polisher, which worked well. After adjusting the right speed, he said that you could eliminate every imperfection, including scratches, spider webs, and mirror glass. He says that he recommends it and gives it an A++++.

Someone said that he had an old car entirely damaged and covered by different chemicals. He was unable to get off the odds by hand. He was going to the professional to check if it could work out. But then he bought this avid polisher and after adjusting the speed to 4-6 and with the yellow pad. He was defiantly to achieve the beauty that no other could. He said it cleaned every scratch and left the shine on the car like a new one. He recommends it.

Although most of the comments were positive, some negative comments were available too. Let’s see them:

Someone said that buffer works excellent. The pads were incredible. But after some time, the pads were damaged. So, the person said that he would be asking the company for a warranty.

Someone said that the on/ off button was having some issue. When he switches on the avid buffer, the machines automatically turn off. So, he had asked about the warranty and is waiting for a response from the manufacturer.

Final closure:

You notice all the usage and the super performance of the avid machine to the excellent customer support. I will recommend you go right now and buy yourself one if you face the issues of damage and scratched car. Buy it once, and you will never regret it for a lifetime. This avid da polisher is not less than a blessing serving the multi-functionality from scrubbing to buffing and polishing, and it will do all the job. In the end, it will leave an incredible shine and a layer of protection to the car’s surface to save it from the subsequent coming damage. So, what are you waiting for? Grab yours! Also, here in this article, I have tried my best to answer all of your confusion and provide you with the best reasons for buying this dual polisher from the consumer’s point of view. Please ask me in the chatbox or comment section if you still have the disorder. Thank you for giving it a read.

Avid Power Buffer Polisher

Key Features

  • 1,500-6,800 rpm
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Easy to Operate
  • Can be Used on Sand Wood and Metal

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