Carnauba Vs Synthetic Wax: Which Is Best?

As we all know, waxing a car is the best treatment to protect the car from damage and bugs. When you decide to do waxing at home, you choose two choices natural wax or synthetic wax. With time as technology has changed the game, car detailing and waxing have also improved. Many enthusiasts detailers don’t give up on their love for natural wax, while others choose and switch. But, the war between Carnauba/Synthetic is always there.

The main difference between both is that:

  • Synthetic wax adds protection to your car and can make your car dull.
  • While natural carnauba car wax adds gloss to your car, however, its protection may not last long.

 But in this article, I will be giving you the clear difference between both of them. Let’s roll in:

Carnauba Wax vs Synthetic Wax: Comparison

The choice between natural waxes and synthetic waxes is totally dependent on your desire. If you want to offer your car paint a sleeky look and shine you can use natural waxes. However, if you want to protect your car’s paint you can use synthetic waxes. So, car wax choice is dependent on you.

Natural Carnauba Wax

Synthetic Wax

Offers your car a great shine.

Is perfect if you want a paint protection.

Is available in paste, fume and liquid forms.

Present in liquid form, paste form and spray wax.

Lasts around 1-4 months depending on mixture.

Provides a longer lasting protection.

Costs about $10-$30 depending on the brand.

Costs about $15-$40 and so is owned by car enthusiasts.

Not a good paint sealant.

Comprises synthetic ingredients so it is a little tough to apply.

Are super easy to apply and so loved by car owners.

Natural Carnauba Wax:

carnauba wax

It arises from the leaves of carnauba palm trees. These trees are primarily found in the north of Brazil, also known as the native area of palm trees. This wax is the hardest naturally occurring wax on earth, and it is a combination of oils, solvents, and wax. The main three qualities of carnauba car wax that give perfect coverage to the exterior are:

  • First, it adds shine to the surface.
  • Second, it provides safety against scratches and bugs.
  • Finally, creates a safeguarded layer to protect the exterior from UV rays, oxidation, and dullness.

In pure form, it has a yellow color and has paste texture. However, primarily Carnauba is used in the market and mixed with other ingredients to create the best wax, which usually has white color.

Types Of Carnauba Waxes:

Carnauba is found in three types:

  • Liquid: It is in long bottles, and it is a lot easier to apply compared to paste form.
  • Paste: This is thick and has a foamy texture, having a greater quantity of Carnauba in it.
  • Fume: Fume carnauba is similar to the liquid one that can be applied as you apply perfume. It is the most accessible form to apply.

Pros and Cons of Natural Waxes:


Middle carnauba waxes last around four to twelve weeks; however, if you select some high quality, it may last up to 4 months, which is a perfect time limit. Also, note that Carnauba allows you to wash off all the dust, dirt, and bugs available rapidly without the feat of sticking them to the surface.


Mostly paste carnauba waxes gives excellent protection against UV rays, oxidation, grime, dust, erosion, and bugs. However, it can’t provide excellent protection when it comes to protecting solid materials.

Facility Of Applying:

It is easy to apply. But you should wash your car thoroughly, dry the surface, polish the surface if you feel the need, and then start the procedure of waxing. After these steps, it becomes easier to apply Carnauba because you have prepared your car. The wax will magnetize itself and will make a strong bond with the surface.

There is a difference between liquid, paste, and fume waxes in terms of ease of application as a paste or solid form of Carnauba is the most challenging to apply, and fume is the most accessible form to apply. However, the best part is that liquid and paste waxes will give the best and perfect protection compared to fume; fume wax is always recommended when you are casually protecting a car.

When it comes to removing applied wax, this appears to be the best task because you can easily wash off wax and get rid of that using some wax cleaner. Although, if you don’t want to wash it off thoroughly, you should apply the proper steps for washing the car.

Shine And Appearance:

In terms of shine and gloss, no artificial product can beat natural carnauba, as it will add deep and pure whine to care having a great warmth. This is the reason that some car lovers never look upon synthetic wax.

Pricing Of Carnauba Wax:

Its prices lie roundabout ($10 – $30), but some of them are even less than $20, so carnauba wax is cheap.

Synthetic Wax:

synthetic wax

It is artificial wax produced in the market using polymers. The more significant difference between synthetic and Carnauba wax is that it magnetizes itself with paint, making a longer bond in terms of protection. Therefore, you can use it a few times a year. However, Carnauba washes off after fewer weeks. The main three qualities of synthetic wax that give perfect coverage to the exterior are:

  • It has a more significant duration than carnauba wax.
  • It gives a glossy effect to the exterior and gives perfect protection to the exterior.
  • As less quantity is used, the product also lasts longer.

Besides its advantages, there is one fault synthetic car wax takes more time to show results and act appropriately than Carnauba, usually taking 12 hours or a day while Carnauba requires a few hours.

Types Of Synthetic Wax:

Synthetic car wax is found in three types:

  • Liquid: Liquid Synthetic comes in long bottles, and it is a lot easier to apply than paste form.
  • Paste: Paste synthetic car wax is thick and has a foamy texture, with a greater quantity of Carnauba.
  • Fume: This is similar to a liquid form that can be applied as you apply perfume. It is the most accessible form to apply.

Pros and Cons of Synthetic Car Waxes:


  Middle synthetic wax lasts about three to six months, making a perfect bond to paint; however, if you select high quality, this product may last one year.


When it comes to the protection of synthetic wax, synthetic car waxes give more excellent protection and coverage from dust, oxidation, erosion, corrosion, dust particles, and bugs compared to carnauba wax. Moreover, it also gives better protection from light scratches and swirl marks.

Facility Of Applying:

It is easiest to apply as compared to carnauba wax. Unlike carnauba wax, you should be more conscious in preparing the car for this wax because they are evenly attached to the paint. However, its application takes less time and attempt. The best part about this car wax is that it can also be applied in sunlight directly.

When it comes to removing synthetic wax, it is easy to use wax remover and apply that while washing the car. Moreover, these waxes are more impenetrable to ordinary soaps or dishwashers.

Shine And Appearance:

In terms of shine and glamour, this wax will lose in front of Natural Carnauba because Carnauba adds deep and pure shine to the exterior. However, it doesn’t mean that synthetic car waxes will not add gloss to the surface. Of course, it will, but that gloss will be lesser as compared to carnauba wax.


Its prices lie roundabout ($15 – $40), which is also reliable pricing as these waxes are great for many applications and uses.

Best Carnauba Wax

Following are some of the best carnauba waxes in the market that are outperforming for years.

P21S 12700W Carnauba Wax

Key Features

  • Deepest Shine
  • Easy To Apply
  • Not Leaving Residue
  • Can Be Use By Hand Or Machine

P21S 12700W Carnauba Wax is the best because it gives the best results and is naturally occurring wax. This amazing wax offers your car the deepest wet look shine. As for my personal choice I recommend this product.

As I have been using it for the past 4 years and believe me it has amazing results and longevity. I prefer it due to its ease of usage. You can use this product as it is easy to blend by hand or machine.

Without leaving powder residue behind, it buffs out quickly. Moreover, it is also beneficial on plastic and rubber and doesn’t leave any stains behind. Also, this amazing natural wax is super affordable.

Maguire’s G18211 Ultimate Paste Wax

Key Features

  • UV Protection
  • Quick Results
  • One Step Formula
  • Deep Shine

Another best and top-rated wax among all is Maguire’s G18211 Ultimate paste wax. This product is designed according to a one-step formula that provides maximum protection, depth of color, permeance, and contemplation. You get an effortless application because of its thin technology present in ultimate paste wax.

Plus it gives smooth application and buffs off quickly. Maguire’s paste wax gives long-lasting protection to your car’s polish. Also, it saves surfaces from bugs, UV rays, oxidation, and other inflammations.

This natural wax is so compatible that you will notice a sleeky shine even after one-time usage. Lastly, ultimate paste wax is super safe and easy to use. Also, it can be easily applied by machine or hand and is also easy to wipe off.

Mothers 05500 California

Key Features

  • Heat Resistant
  • Supported On Fiber, Glass & Rubber
  • Long Lasting Shine
  • Car Friendly

If you are in search of a budget Carnauba then Mothers 05500 California is one of the best options for you. The best part about this product is that it comprises heat-resistant carnauba wax.

The heat-resistant carnauba helps you in a lot of aspects. Like, it gives the car a long-lasting shine, designed in such a way as to protect the exterior in one application and show unexpected results.

When I was using this wax for the testing phase, I noticed that it has a factor of lastness. In such a way that even if you washed the car multiple times you will still feel wax present on the surface.

Plus, the point is that it is functional on glass, fiber, and rubber. So it can be used daily, and daily use gives long-lasting protection and shines to the surface.

Best Synthetic Wax

Meguiar’s G210516 Ultimate Liquid Wax

Key Features

  • Advance Synthetic Formula
  • Smooth Results
  • Dazzling Shine
  • Ultimate Protection

Meguiar’s G210516 Ultimate Liquid Wax is an advanced synthetic formula. The unique part that makes this product stand out is the Hydrophobic polymer technology. The hydroponic technology enhances the surface tension resulting in relentless water breading.

Furthermore, ultimate liquid wax gives more effective results and beading actions, ultimate protection, and deep shine. This product is easy to use and gives overall smooth results even in the sun.

Moreover, you will notice a unique shine and gloss to the surface, and it can be easily applied by hand or machine. Also, it offers an intensified reflection on the surface for enhancing the dazzling shine and gloss.

3M Synthetic Wax Protectant

Key Features

  • Advance Synthetic Formula
  • Smooth Results
  • Dazzling Shine
  • Ultimate Protection

This 3M Synthetic Wax Protectant is superb in performance. For anyone who has a craze for buffing and polishing this product is suitable. It has synthetic polymers that make a perfect bond to paint and stick accurately.

The polymers result in providing excellent gloss and high-level protection to the surface. Also, Synthetic wax protectants can be easily used on cars, trucks, and other vehicles. In addition, it has excellent water-beading qualities that offer your car a deep and new shiny look.

To notice more, you will be amazed to know that the protection of this wax lasts more than six months. So, you don’t need to wax your car after every weekend now.

Is Carnauba Better Than Synthetic?

There is no comparison between them as both of them have their capabilities. That’s why it depends on whether you are looking for shine or protection. In terms of protection, synthetic wax gives the best results for up to 6 months. However, Carnauba gives the best shine and requires the user to re-apply frequently.

These days most waxes contain a combination of Carnauba and synthetic wax that proves to give the best result in terms of both shine and protection; if you find so, make sure to read the instructions carefully. Another point to note here is that always use liquid or paste wax because it can be easily wiped off than paste form, which also dries off rapidly and forms a thick paste, making it difficult to buff off wax.

Can We Use Pure Carnauba Wax And Synthetic Wax At One Time?

Yes, you can apply both of them as a combination. The best perspective for applying both of them as a combination is that you should apply synthetic car wax first to protect the surface and then coat a layer of Carnauba over that coat to give a deep and warm shine. It would help if you noticed that you should wait for the first layer (synthetic layer) to be dried out completely and then apply the carnauba layer to get the best results.

Is There Any Substitute To Car Wax(Synthetic or Carnauba)?

Yes, there is an alternative to Carnauba and synthetic wax, and that is ceramic coating. The ceramic coating works so that a coating layer is applied to the exterior. That coating lasts about two to five years; this ceramic coating will paint the car and give a protective layer that safeguards against UV rays, and oxidation swirls and gives perfect gloss. However, it requires more effort and professional methods as compared to Carnauba and synthetic wax.

Should We Wax By Hand Or Machine? Which Is Effective?

Let me give you a quick comparison of both of them and show you which one is the best.

Wax By Hand

Wax By Machine

Requires more effort and time

Requires less effort and time

Use simple applicator pads, towels

Use machine buffers

Don't damage the exterior

Can damage exterior if it isn’t done accurately

Less amount is required

flexible amount is required

Gives excellent results

Gives excellent results

Both waxes can be applied by this method

Only synthetic wax can be applied by this method

What People Mostly Asked (FAQs)

How often should I wax my car?

On an average scale, one can polish and do waxing after a time interval of 3 months. However, the waxing period of your car is also dependent on your usage, area of travel, the brand you are using as well as type.

Why I need to wax my car?

Waxing your car is important as you can preserve your car’s paint and uneven layers. also, waxing is important to help your clear coat last longer without facing any issues of corrosion, bugs, damage, dirt, and other chemical polymers reaction.

Which is more expensive natural or synthetic waxes?

Natural wax costs about $10$30 and so is a super cheap investment for car detailers as compared to synthetic car waxes. Synthetic Wax costs about $15-$40 and so is not used by anyone on a budget. However, these both car waxes have theirs on usage and advantages.

How long does natural and synthetic waxes lasts?

Well, natural carnauba lasts more than 4-12 weeks. So you never need to worry and apply car wax again and again. however, when it comes to Synthetic sealants you will notice that the lastness period increases and becomes about 3-6 months. The lastness is dependent on natural and synthetic ingredients.

Which one is good natural wax or regular wax?

Yes, natural wax is considered better than regular one. As it remains perfect in different weather conditions. Also, most car enthusiasts depend on a natural one as it lasts longer and provides an incredible warm glow to cars.

Final Closure

You will come to know the difference between Carnauba and synthetic wax. But suppose you want to know the best carnauba wax. In that case, I will recommend you P21S 12700W Carnauba Wax in terms of results and effects, however best synthetic wax in terms of its results is Meguiar’s G210516 Ultimate Liquid Wax also if you are on a budget and want to know cheap synthetic wax, then you should go with this, and in case of cheap carnauba wax, you should go with Mothers 05500 California. In case you are still confused and want to know more, leave a message or comment. Thanks for reading.