You jumped into your car, and what did you see the first? It is the dashboard. How does it feel when you see dirt, stains, and dust on it? It’s very unpleasant as well as unhealthy to travel with it.

Cleaning your dashboard is much easier when you have the right dashboard cleaner. Best dashboard cleaner will give you magnificent results and works effectively.

The market is full of dashboard cleaners, and it’s hard to choose between them. So, for you, we just reviewed some of the best dashboard cleaners for saving your efforts.

What is dashboard cleaner?

Dashboard cleaner is a cleaning agent that removes stains, dirt, and bacteria from your dash to make it look aesthetic and eye-catching.

Why should you use dashboard cleaner?

Dashboard gets dirty and has stains on it over time, and it also provides habitat to germs and bacteria, so it’s also unhealthy to travel with them. These cleaning agents will make your dash germs-free, clean, stainless, as well as restores its old shine like new.

Before getting onto the review section, we have picked some of the best dashboard cleaners for you, which are all-time winners.

Carfidant Ultimate Car Interior and Dashboard Cleaner

  • No Harmful Chemicals
  • Multi-Surface Use
  • Tar Removal
CarGuys Super Cleaner – Effective All-Purpose Cleaner

  • Nano Technology
  • No Greasy Residue Behind
  • Non-Toxic
Armor All Premier Car Care Kit (8 Items) – Professional Cleaner

  • All in One Solution
  • Professional Car Detailing Kit
  • Powerful Cleaning Agents


Top 7 Best Dashboard Cleaner

Our personal experience and detail analysis of this product says that the following are the best dash cleaners for you in every situation.

1. CarGuys Super Cleaner – Effective All-Purpose Cleaner

Key Features:

  • Nano Technology.
  • All in One Solution.
  • Best For All Surfaces.
  • No Greasy Residue Behind
  • Non-Toxic.


This CarGuys product has been rocking in the market because of its superb features and top reviews for years. It earns great respect in the market, and today it is known as the best dashboard cleaner. It is a non-toxic cleaner with no harmful chemicals used in it, so you’ll not get allergic to it.

This product is handy for all kinds of surfaces like leather, wood, vinyl, etc. So you don’t need to have a list of chemicals separately for the dashboard, steering, bugs, stains, upholstery, wood, leather, etc. This is a one-stop solution composed of the latest nanotechnology, which cleans your car interior to the molecular level without leaving a greasy residue by only making little effort.

CaryGuys cleaner is made for multi-interior as well as exterior surfaces. But it’s not recommended to use on glass and some flimsy parts of your car. This cleaner will restore your aesthetic interior look and provide you a healthy drive-by killing the germs without leaving any side effects. Might be there’s a slight odor in your interior with this product, but it quickly vanished in no time.

2. Carfidant Ultimate Car Interior and Dashboard Cleaner

Key Features:

  • Multi-Surface Use.
  • For Exterior and Interior Use.
  • No Harmful Chemicals.
  • Tar Removal
  • Easy to Use


The confident ultimate cleaner is a scent-free, effective dash cleaner that can be used on multiple surfaces like wood, plastic, upholstery, vinyl, carpets, etc. It’s easy to use like every cleaner. You need to wipe it on with spray and wipe it off with a fiber cloth, and you are good to go with it.

It also can be used on the exterior of your car for removing stains, bird poop, and other dirt like tar, but it’s not so good for heavy stains. It is also made for tires, so there is no need to buy additional products for them.

Some people don’t like the odor of chemical agents, and the good thing about this car dash cleaner is that it does not contain any fragrance or smell. It’s also a toxic chemical-free agent, so your health will not get disturbed by this. Overall, it’s the best solution for a health-conscious person and the best performer in their job for what it made.

3. Armor All Premier Car Care Kit

Key Features:

  • 8 Pcs Kit.
  • All in One Solution.
  • Professional Car Detailing Kit.
  • Powerful Cleaning Agents.
  • Best Gift for Car Enthusiast.


If you’re are a car enthusiast and like to have a special car care kit. No other product can beat this Armor Premier All Car Care Kit because It contains the essential product for interior and exterior that your car needs to look as good as new.

Armor ultra-shine wash contains carnauba wax and special cleaning agents to meet the correct standards for car detail. At the same time, its protectant is specially designed for removing stains and dirt and bring your car interior back to life like new.

It also includes the Glass Cleaner, which helps remove the scratches, and it’s a tough job to remove stains from the glass, but this cleaner will make your glass shine to glare and remove all the stains, scratches, and old water spots. In addition, armor proprietary formula fights against the cracks, removes dirt and contaminant from the car’s surface, and makes it aesthetic.

If this kit covers every part of the car, how can we leave the tires behind? Its excellent formula fight with all tire impurities from the road as well as grease. It contains Armor Shield to gives your tires a black look back and make your rims shine for real.

4. Adam’s Microban Interior Detailer and Dashboard Cleaner

Key Features:

  • UV Protection
  • Microban Technology
  • Hassle-Free
  • Fragrance
  • Kills Odor
  • Shine Back like Showroom
  • Multi-Purpose Use


Adam’s Cleaner is primarily made up of micro ban technology, which helps eliminate bacteria and germs. It is also sealed with UV protection agents and fragrance, which means that it will make your car’s environment jovial while taking special care of your health. It eliminates the odor and germs as well with ultraviolet rays’ protection.

  A broad area of surfaces is covered by this cleaner that means it can be used to clean and shine your dashboard, steering, leather, vinyl, gear shifter, and plastic as well as your car. Stains on your car’s interior will have vanished with this dashboard cleaner. Your car leather and dashboard brace the damaging UV radiations of the sun. Still, you don’t need to worry about that now because this cleaner will be a guard of your car’s interior from UV rays as well, with its primary objective of cleaning the surface.

This cleaner will make your car interior shine as good as market one and it also much handy so it doesn’t require much time to finish the job because it is quick and effective. So, you just got enough time to roll on your wheels.

5. SHINE ARMOR Car Interior Cleaner – All Purpose Solvent

Key Features:

  • NanoTechnology.
  • UV Protection.
  • Heavy Duty.
  • Factory Shine of Interior.
  • Anti-Static.


Shine Armor Cleaner is considered best among the top products because of its nanotechnology, which eliminates the dirt, grime, germs, and stains to their microparticle level. It is convenient for all the interior surfaces of the car-like leather, plastic, dashboard, rug, upholstery. In addition, it is beneficial for removing heavy stains from your cars which is not provided by most dashboard cleaners, so this is a good choice for those who have them.

This dashboard cleaner is specially sealed with anti-static technology, which protects and doesn’t let the dust settle your interiors. It’s also contained UV protection, which secures your car seats and door from the sun’s harmful radiations because these radiations play an essential role in reducing the life of the car’s interior and make it in-efficient for extended use.

Just spray the liquid on fiber cloth and wipe the surfaces gently for 4-6 weeks, and your car will look new as a showroom, and its chemical agents contain fresh fragrance, making your car smell like brand new.

6. Meguiar’s G16216 Ultimate Interior Detailer

Key Features:

  • Cheap Price
  • UV Protection
  • For Every Interior Surface
  • Fix Cracks
  • Prevent color from Fading


Are you looking for the best product for a car dashboard at a low price? Then no one can beat the performance and cost of Meguiar’s G16216 cleaner. This product can be used on multiple for cleaning purposes like the dashboard, steering, gear stick, leather, and for your car LCD screen eve.

It fights with UV radiations from the sun, too, because it contains the best sun blocking agents that fights with radiations and make your car interior live longer than anyone else can as well as. It also protects its color and fights with cracks too. But it has a negative point: this cleaning agent will make your car interior smells terrible after using it.

If you are a fan of a glossy look, then wipe your interior with this agent using a cotton towel; otherwise, for a matte finish, use a microfiber cloth. This auto dash cleaner will give your interior surface an smooth finish that is long-lasting for weeks.

7. Griot’s Garage 11104 Interior Cleaner

Key Features:

  • Multi-Purpose Use.
  • Dye and Odor Free.
  • No Greasy Residue.
  • Safe For Fabric.
  • Tough Stains Remover.


Griot Interior Cleaner is for those in search of a multi-purpose cleaner that is dye and odor-free. Because many people don’t like the odor of cleaning agents or are allergic to them, this cleaner will be perfect for you.

The best thing is that it will not damage or affect your car’s interior color even it’s too light on a surface. So, you are free to use it for everyone inside your vehicle. It fights with dust, oil, dirt and eliminates them without leaving any greasy residue, which attracts more dust to itself, and it is notable for rough and tough stains and marks, proving that it’s a heavy-duty cleaner. So daily cleaning is not necessary after this.

This product perfectly works even on the dashboard, car steering, mats, shoes, bags. It’s also for leather, but keep that tiny thing in mind that you don’t apply it directly on dyed leather because it may be harmful to that; try it on a small leather surface for testing, if it works perfectly, then you can go for it without thinking of anything else.

Buyer’s Guide

These are the following some important facts which you should keep in your mind if you want to get the best dashboard cleaner for your car.

Best Performance

If you’re buying cleaner then its main purpose should be fulfilled. So always buy a cleaner that is efficient in removing dirt, stains, grime, and other impurities from your car’s interior. If your interior has tough stains then you must go for a heavy-duty cleaning agent for getting the desire results.

No Greasy Residue

Always purchase a cleaner that doesn’t leave any greasy residue after using it on your interior because this residue will invite dust and no one wants to put his effort into cleaning again and again in a very short period.

UV Protection

Your car is mostly parked in the open sky which means its interior could be damaged by UV radiations emitted by the sun so always get the cleaner which has UV protection for the sake of your interior’s long life.


No one wants to fill its cabinet with cleaning agents for different interior parts of his car. It is better to get a cleaner that can be used on the multi-surface and is also feasible for different interior portions.

Final Closure

Cleaning your dashboard is very important just not because it gets dirty or has stains on it but also for giving your car a fresh and aesthetic look. Cleaning your car dashboard often increases its life as well as protects it from UV radiations and kills germs also.

If you’re still confused in making the choice of the best dashboard cleaner then we recommend you to get CarGuys Super Cleaner – Effective All-Purpose Cleaner which is best for all-purpose use and provides you manifest results.

Top Pick

CarGuys Super Cleaner – Effective All-Purpose Cleaner

Best Product Under 10,000

CarGuys product has been rocking in the market because of its superb features and top reviews for years. It earns great respect in the market, and today it is known as the best dashboard cleaner. It is a non-toxic cleaner with no harmful chemicals used in it, so you’ll not get allergic to it

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Thanks for reading, Hope you find the best dashboard cleaner for yourself.