How To Use A Carpet Cleaner? Best Cleaning Guide

how to use a carpet cleaner

Did a party celebration go wrong? And you ended up with a tidy carpet, or your pets/children messed your carpet up. That made the house’s interior look bad due to the tidy upholstery. You ended up finding a solution for cleaning the messy look, and that article said that you should buy a carpet cleaner, now the problem for you was how to use it. Now, you don’t need to worry about anything because you landed on the right article. I am here to solve your issues and lead you to the required information. So, catch it up:

Washing a carpet is a big job, itself, as you may end up getting the carpet in a worst state than before. That state might bring patches or moldy underlay. The best season for washing a carpet is sunny, as you can dry your carpet in the sunshine.

Steps for Cleaning A Carpet:


Think about your carpet cleaning and plan it thoroughly, as this job is dependent on time. Always start cleaning your carpet after organizing your day. The carpet cleaning might take some time, but carpet drying will take approximately five to six hours if damp. Otherwise, if the carpet is overwet, it will take a day-long to dry it completely. While the carpet is drying, move out your furniture to some spare room and let the floor and furniture take up space, this will help the flooring not to get damp and not affect the carpet in danger of mildew.

Moving furniture:

Always start cleaning your carpets room by room, as you will move all the furniture in the other room and then clean the room in parts. Also, don’t allow your pets to enter that room when the carpet is still wet.


You need to know that the worst mistake is making the carpet wet while cleaning. As carpet cleaners always fix a moderate amount and then do the job, wetter is not good for the carpet. After moving the furniture, start vacuuming the carpet thoroughly. Always vacuum through two parts, the first time move in a straight position like on a running track and the last time move diagonally from one corner to the other. Do it, as the main goal is to remove the dust and fluff as much as possible.

Manual reading:

Always make sure that you read the manual of the products you are using in the procedure, as you may have to know about the detergent type, the amount, the water level, and the water temperature to not damage your carpet. Then, fill the cleaner with the right amount of water and detergent according to your carpet extractor. Don’t add an extra amount even if your carpet is extra dirty, as it will lead your carpet in an excess soapy condition that will never get out. 

Water and detergent:

Never use boiled water in your water tank. Always use warm water. As hot water may damage the carpet, your carpet machine will get damaged. If you have wool carpets, use cool water. Don’t use carpet cleaner on silk, leather, and non-colored rugs. You can add detergent to some water tanks depending on the extractor you are using. Some machines have two separate tanks for water and detergent so that you can select the job accordingly.

Before cleaning:

Before cleaning the carpet, notice whether your carpet has tough solid patches available or not. You need to pre-treat them if available. There is a hose attachment that comes with some cleaners. You can use this and treat the stains right five minutes before cleaning the carpet and start pre-treating it. Next, use a stain remover and put it on the old and dried stains. Also, keep in mind not to overwet these stains as it will not be possible to dry them properly, and you might end up.

Cleaning instructions:

Always start from one corner of the room to the other, as you don’t have to clean one part again and again. This technique will help you limit the time you spend cleaning the wet carpet. Then, depending on the carpet’s condition, you will apply the different settings on the carpet extractors. As for the floor, you will need a high-level setting as people walk there, and for sitting areas around the room, you will need lighter settings.

Start from one corner of the room and walk straight to the opposing wall. Now, turn and go back in a different direction. You will be cleaning in stripes and covering small areas to the area. Don’t go in random directions. Always move in particular sections as carpet cleaners are not meant to move randomly.

How To Use A Bissell Carpet Cleaner?

When working with Bissell Cleaners, you first need to follow all the steps mentioned above. As:

  • Pre-treating.
  • Organize.
  • Moving furniture.
  • Vacuum.
  • And the cleaning instruction.

However, setting up the machine is a different task. Let’s move and see the setting of Bissell.

Fill the tank with warm water:

Bring out the attached tank and fill it with hot water. You should note that water shouldn’t be boiling. Now fill the tank above the limited line. Never overflow it as the remaining water might start draining out. For removing and attaching the tank, you can check the manual’s instructions.

Adding cleaning formula or detergent to the tank:

Some pressure washers have two separate tanks, one for water and detergent. Always use the designed cleaning formula and detergent for carpets as that particular formula serves some particular functionality. Now fill the detergent to the second line right above the first one, in case of only one water tank. Don’t overfill the detergent as the extra amount will never get out of the carpet easily.

Setting the cleaning dial:

There is a cleaning dial available on some carpet extractors. It is located right on the front side, next to the tank. This dial has different settings for normal, light, and heavy cleaning. Depending on the condition of your carpet, you can adjust the dial and start working.

Floor cleaning (tools dial):

There is the tools dial available on the top of the water tank for cleaning the floor and is the usually larger one. Point the marked arrow down towards the cleaning option after spinning the dial. Now, your machine is ready to give a hit.

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Using The Machine:

Turn on the power and heat button/s:

Press down the buttons and turn them on to activate the heat and power system after plugging the power into the nearest plug.

Pulling the trigger:

For spraying the water onto the carpet, pull the trigger. Push the cleaner forward while holding the trigger and then pull the trigger back. Always focus and clean small areas by moving the cleaner forward without walking. Also, don’t over-soak the carpet with detergent.

Leave the trigger to dry the area:

Now leave the trigger and move to the same area. Move the cleaner forward and backward to ensure that your extractor sucks up enough dust, dirt, and water. Keep doing until you notice that sucker can pull no more water. You can do this by watching the tank, as no more water will flow into it.

Keep cleaning until the tank is full:

If you notice that your dirty water tank is full, remove the tank and then throw the water and fix it again. If the water in the other clean tank is ended, add more water or detergent accordingly and then pull the trigger for cleaning the extra muddy area. Keep swapping between wet and dry passes.

Attaching the tool to the hose:

There are some extra tools and carpet cleaners available. These tools make the cleaning easier for you and help you tackle the areas you can’t reach, such as tight corners.

Set tools dial before using tools:

For floor cleaning options, you set the tools dial. Then, spin the dial and point it up toward you. This tools dial option helps you switch the setting from floor cleaning to the hose. These tools help you make the cleaning easy by reaching the areas that you can’t.

How does a carpet extractor work in detailing?

A carpet extractor is a blessing in itself, not only for home cleaning but also for detailing. It helps you remove the toughest dust and stains on the carpet by applying water, detergent, and sucking.

In auto detailing, what you first need to do, is catch up the carpets and bring them out. Now use a hose on the cleaner and clean the upholstery and dirty furniture in the car. After setting up the carpet extractor (i.e., filling it with water and detergent). The dirt particles will be dissolved in the stream of hot liquid and will suck all the mess. 

Now, pre-treat the carpets and wait for 5 mins. After, this step then uses the same steps as mentioned above and watch out for your car turning into a brand new one.

Final Closure:

A carpet extractor is one of the easiest ways to enhance your job and do your job faster and with efficient results. I have discussed the most important steps for treating the carpet and upholstery. I am also providing you with a complete guide for setting up your carpet extractor and using it, along with some precautions and tips. I have tried my best to sort out your queries. In case you are still confused about something. Feel free to contact me and ask away in the comment box or dm me. Thanks.

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