How To Remove Deep Scratches From Car?

remove deep scratches

Scratches are like an uninvited ghost that comes out from the middle of nowhere. Even if you stick to giving the best care to your vehicle, scratches still appear, and then like ghosts deep inside, they never let you die in peace and tend you to look and observe them, although you are willing or not. Coming from some grocery bag toughness, child mischief, some accident, or some deranged animal. But you know what? At that time, you can’t go back in time and stop that scratch from appearing. So, the point of concern only remains how you should treat that and get rid of it. I will be giving the best solutions to remove deep scratches from cars in different and efficient ways. So, grab some tea and take a hop in.

Methodologies to Remove Scratches From Car:

Removing Light Scratches From Car:

You can use a scratch repairing kit in case you don’t have deep and challenging scratches. These kits are available in online stores and auto supply stores. Although you need to notice that these kits cannot remove deep scratches, this helps rid shallow and light scratches. In addition, it has everything that you need to remove scratches from paste to buffers. So, the steps are:

Step One:

Cleaning the surroundings of the affected area are advised as if any debris will be in that part, washing will remove it without damaging the pace. You can clean the area by using water and soap solution.

Step Two:

Apply scratch removal paste to the affected area. You can use some microfiber cloth or buffing pad during application. Also, keep in mind not to directly apply the remover to the area as it can damage the paint of the car.

Step Three:

Now, use some buffing cloth and rub the scratch remover over scratches. It will work in a way that the remover will remove the thin layer of the car’s clear coat, efficiently leaving the surface glimpse and even. The point to note here is that this method will never damage your paint, so you don’t have to worry about this thing. Keep scrubbing until you see the results. It may also take a little longer.

Step Four:

After you are succeeded in removing scratches, remove an extra layer of the polisher to protect your car paint.

Removing Deep Scratches From Car:

If you notice that you have unusual scratches, it means that if you can see bare skin of metal underneath the scratched area. Then, you need some different material as the detailing kit will be unable to do the job. So, the steps are:

Step One:

Use some glazing putt as these can repaint the surface and fill in excavate. Glazing putt is readily available at online and auto-supply stores. First, clean the affected area with some rubbing alcohol using a microfiber towel. It will help you remove dirt, wax, and any residue material from scratches and surroundings. Now fill the affected are using glazing putty. A low amount of product(dimed-size) will be enough to fill almost all scratches. Next, use a spreader and fill the scratch. Notice that putty should restore the paint. Give two to three minutes to let the product dry without removing it.

Step Two:

For achieving the best results, you need to remove the excess putty from the surface; for this purpose, you need to use a liquid pain leveler. Apply leveler with the help of a microfiber towel, keep rubbing until the scratch becomes dim like a colored line and looks transparent. You can repeat the step if required.

Step Three:

If you select to apply to touch-up paint, make sure that you use a fine bristle brush. These brushes are readily available at retail stores and are inexpensive. Use your brush and apply touch-up paint carefully to the required area. After applying, leave touch-up paint to dry for 8 to 12 hours. Once it is dried, you can apply wax to protect the area.

 How To Fix Key Scratches from Car?

remove deep scratches

Keying cars has become an ordinary happening in these times. It’s an upsetting cause for the car owners, as its treatment costs take thousands of dollars. But you know what? You can also treat it in just 10 mins with low to no cost-effectively and accurately. So, grab up your materials, and let’s roll.

Materials Required:

  • Sandpaper.
  • Prep solvent.
  • Meguiar’s compound.


You have to observe and understand the layers (clear, base, primer) of the car and then select the best paint repairer steps to be performed on the surface.


Before doing any experiment, the number one step is constantly washing and making sure that no debris or dirt enters and affects the area. Next, use some soap and water, make a solution, apply it thoroughly, and cleanse off your car. Once you are done washing the surface, dry it with a microfiber towel.


Wet sandpaper acts like a bomb and easily repels all the scratches. Soak your sandpaper in water for about 10-12 mins. Make the affected area wet, and then rub sandpaper on the scratched area. Keep using water. Make sure that you do this step carefully and with total concentration, as the sandpaper can damage the paint if not done accurately. After every2-5 minutes check the area and note if it is getting smoother or not as the purpose of sanding is to make the area smooth and silky by rubbing out the clear coat. Repeat the step if required.


Once you are done sanding, clean off the area with a smooth microfiber towel. Please note that the surface will look duller at this point, but I have a solution for that too.


Once you are done drying, it’s time to give the shine back and remove sand scratches from the surface. We will do it by using some rubbing compound. You can select the product of your own choice. Rubbing compounds can be applied by hand or buffer machine. If you are making this step with the machine, note doing it carefully, adjusting the machine to 1800 rpm, and applying the product using a foam rubbing compound. Make sure not to do this step-in sun as the compound will dry off and become harder to remove. Once you are done applying the product, rinse it off after some time.   


After the above step, most work is done, and this step is optional if you want showroom shine. This step can be done using some polishing compound, applying compound on the microfiber towel, and rubbing it on the surface, and it can also be done by hand or machine. If you plan to do it by machine, set the speed to 1000 rpm and apply the compound. After the procedure, wipe off the extra polisher. If you need the best results, try to use polishing pads.


To apply a protective layer over your exterior. Use wax. Take some amount of wax on the microfiber towel and run it through the layer. Then wipe off the extra amount.

Home Remedies to Remove Car Scratches

One can also treat car scratches naturally. Its advantage Is that it will save money and will not damage the surface. Let me list some effective home remedies for dealing with scratches:

Shoe polisher:

You can fill in the scratches by using some shoe polisher. For the darker color of the car, use a light polish, and the light color like skin, white use dark polish. These polishers then spread out and fill the scratches.


As discussed earlier, sandpaper gives the best result. Use soaked sandpaper and rub it over scratches. Here shoe polisher will help you indicate the affected area and restrict you from going out of range.


After you are done with sanding, you will note that the surface is duller. That’s why we usually use rubbing compound in this for reading the shine. But as we are treating it with homemade remedies, we can use toothpaste. Apply toothpaste to some smooth cloth and then run it through affected areas. Rub it in a circular motion until you can see the scratches fading. Also, please don’t rub it for a long time as it can damage the coat, Do it carefully.


In the end, apply a layer of wax to give a protective layer to the exterior. Try to apply it in a circular motion to last longer and give a perfect glamour.

Other ingredients:

You can also use:

  • Nail polish.
  • Candle wax.
  • Glue.
  • Magic eraser.

Final Closure:

In my final words, I will advise you to choose efficiently and not waste your money on disabled products. Invest in good items; however, I have provided that guide here if you want cheap solutions. Always make sure to use the materials accurately as some of them can damage the polish if not used efficiently. I hope that I have answered your queries and have saved you time. Still, if you have some questions, popping never fell back to ask away. The comment section and chatbox are always here for you. Thank you for your valuable time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will I be succeeded in thoroughly getting rid of scratches?

It depends upon the condition of the car. If you have light scratches, they may go away faster. But if you have deep scratches, it will take some time, or maybe they never go away. Instead, they will become dim and will only be visible when you take a closer look.

Do I need to wear gloves before doing any experiment?

You can wear gloves for safety measures as you might be allergic to some material. So, to protect yourself, you can wear gloves.