How Often Should You Polish Your Car

How Often Should You Polish Your Car

The vehicle you are having defines a lot of your personality. Its model, color, the interior reflects your personality and attitude. Similarly, its cleaning factor is important because How Often Should You Polish Your Car is one of the most popping questions for automotive lovers nowadays.

.If you are comprising a messy car, it simply shows your irresponsibility and inefficiency .it also indicates that you are unhealthy. A clean vehicle speaks your efficiency, values, kind personality. Aren’t you willing of that? Obviously, you are. But there will be thousands of questions popping in your mind about the cleaning of the car, the products, the quality, and the result. Don’t you worry because I’ll be answering all of them here?

Why Polishing Is Essential?

There are several benefits of polish depending on the condition of what your car need. Regardless of whether you need to dispose of scratches, restrain fading, paint correction, eliminate dirt and imperfections.

The worst part is that many of us have time to wash the car, but we don’t have time to look upon that and give that a good polish.

As a result of that when we are driving many factors, including:

  • Dirt particles(from road sticking to the polish if left unseen)
  • Harsh weather(causing fading of paint)
  • Water(mineral droplets if left unseen)
  • Birds(dropping flea that eats paint )

Doing that job quite well and results in damaging the polish of the car. So polishing and taking care of the car is similar to brushing your teeth if you don’t clean them professionally, damaging your health. This is why polishing a car is essential. So let’s move to the next question.

How Polishing Is Done?

You can’t just simply wash your car and give it a polish. However, there is a complete guide to the polish car and leaving it in shiny and new condition. So, let’s begin with the steps:

Washing it with nonchemical shampoo: First of all, wash your car with a nonchemical shampoo that doesn’t have any harsh chemicals so that it will not leave any damage to your car and will also prove worthy for removing even the tiny dirt particles.

Steaming: Some dust particles may be challenging that can not be removed even after washing, and they can leave scratches on your car. These dust particles can also accumulate at a particular spot that can’t be affected by only cleaning, so steaming can play a well-played role. This step will move dust, leaving a smooth surface.

Drying: Dry your car with some fibre cloth evenly.

Clay bar usage: Clay bar basically removes haze and the minor imperfections that might go unnoticed. It will simply clean those little imperfections.

Applicator pad: Take a tablespoon of polish on the applicator pad and then spread it throughout so that your car will be buffed. Please make sure that all the area is lubricated as the dry buffer can lead to damage.

Polish paint: Keep in mind to polish the paint in a circular motion so that no part will be left behind.

Buff polish: The final step is to buff the left polish from the areas with a fibre cloth. Again, please keep in mind to do buffing only if you are confident. Otherwise, let experts do this work.

Which Polishers Are Best?

I have previously answered this question in detail, so just give it a read: Top 7 Best Polishing Compound For Clear Coat.

How Often Can I Polish My Car?

As an average car polish duration is about three to six months, you can simply polish your car after that duration, but it also depends on the condition of your car and the period of the polish you are using.

Is Hand Waxing Better Than A Machine?

There is no hero in this category. Basically, both have the same procedures, but hand waxing requires more time and effort than a machine. Just keep in mind if you apply wax improperly, it can lead to severe damage to the car.

How Much Does It cost To Polish A Car?

An executive polish costs between $50-$200 depending on the car’s condition, the products they are using, and the shop doing polish.

Quick Info

Polish preserve and increase the lifetime of paint, enhancing the beauty of the car. It also removes the stubborn and unseen dirt particles, removing scratches, restoring oxidation, and preventing fading.

When to Polish Car with Hand?

It is one of the most frequently asked questions about how often you should hand polish your car. You should be exceptionally cautious in polishing your car because any uncontrolled amount may lead to damage to your car paint. In my recommendation, you should be doing all the wide steps twice a year and small efforts to keep your car clean like wax, interior cleaning can be done after two to three months, but it also depends on your car’s condition and used car. So, the primary purpose is to keep your car clean.

When to Polish Car with Machine(Polisher)?

It is also one of the most frequently asked questions about how often you polish your car with the machine (Polisher). So, basically, you shouldn’t be buffing your car with a machine unless the car’s condition is worst. Like in a sense that car has got swirls or damage that you wants to fix, actually polisher also removers some layer of paint if it is done most often, so it’s never recommended to do machine polish more than twice in a year, or else it will leave paint damage and then you will have to repair the actual paint. So, it’s never recommended.

Comparison Of Machine And Hand Polish

Some of you might still be confused in selecting machine or hand polish. The question popped you’re your mind maybe Is hand waxing better than a machine? Let’s just provide you with a comparison between them.


  • Requires power, strength and hard work to polish on the surface.
  • Done mainly by professionals.
  • If not performed efficiently may damage car polish and also burning surface paint.
  • Requires massive amount of money
  • is less time taking.


  • a simple procedure is done with the help of microfiber.
  • It can be done at home.
  • Fewer chances of damage as it is safer.
  • Requires a low amount of money.
  • Is time taking.
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Safe Polishing By Avoiding Evident Coat Damage 

Safe polishing is necessary. Otherwise, your car may be lead to severe damage. As we know, that clear coat basically enhances the car’s beauty, and we have to protect our car’s color coat from harsh chemicals, bugs, sunrays, and dust particles is essential. So, if we ignore this and act foolishly, it may affect our car’s topcoat ( peeling the surface).

Significant Steps To Prevention :

  • No use of automated carwash:

Automated carwash may prove to be the most prominent reason for apparent coat damage in such a way that it uses nylon brushes that do polish in such a method that it rotates the brush at high pressure, which can increase the chance of your car’s skin to be peeled moreover pressure washers can also leave massive damage to your car’s coat and can peel large section in seconds.

Pro Tip

You can simply use some other friendly dealing method such as steam. You just need to know the exact timing and temperature limit for moisture, and you are all set.

No Use of Coarse Soaps:

     You should always use nonchemical soap or shampoo for washing because it acts more friendly to car coat than the harsh and toxic shampoo that contains various chemicals that can affect your car’s polish, and it may start peeling off.

Washing :

Washing is considered to be the most suitable care of car’s polish. However, if you ignore taking care of your car and washing it, severe damage may occur as harsh chemicals, birds, rays, and bugs may expose effect.


It is a myth that waxing isn’t required for a clear coat. It is absolutely wrong, as waxing creates a protective layer on the car’s skin, preventing it from offensive material, bugs and other chemicals, exposed sun rays, and uneven rain. This is how often should you wax a car.

Choose Your Parking :

Always choose to park your car in the garage whenever it is not in usage. Avoid parking your car under the sky to avoid any sort of damage.

Pro Tip

Buy some ultraviolet protective wax to give more protection to the car’s coating, also reducing the effect of snow or sun rays.

Final Closure :

In my final statement, I recommend you choose wisely and decide what type of material you use on your car. What kind of product are you applying. Whether you are taking care of your car as you take care of ourself or not. Keep in mind your car isn’t just your car. It defines your personality, so take good care of that and use suitable methods and remedies in that procedure. If you are still confused about something, feel free to leave a comment and ask.

Thanks for reading. I hope you get to know all that you need.

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